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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 12 April 2016

* An Indian city is getting driverless taxi pods that travel above the street >>
* Now This Is a Genuine Hoverboard >>
* EMERGE 2016: The Future of Sport 2040 >>

* Scientists Unveil New ‘Tree of Life’ >>
* SpaceX, That Vision Thing, and Mars >>
* Bots, Live and A.I.: What to expect at Facebook’s F8 conference >>

* New Views Of The Hallucinating Brain >>
* Lab-grown Mini Brains Die When Exposed To Zika >>

* People Who Avoided Illness Could Be Key in Treating Those Who Didn’t >>
* This Website Is Using Math to Create Every Possible Patent >>
* Ford’s Testing Its Autonomous Cars in the Dark >>

* A New Solar Cell Creates Electricity From Water as Well as Light >>
* A Map of the Brain Could Teach Machines to See Like You >>
* The revolution in action cameras will now be stabilized >>

* Watch the first live VR surgery stream on April 14th >>
* Consumers want more value from home IoT products >>
* New 360-degree video puts you right next to a Delta IV rocket launch >>

* The Magic Of Bluetooth Beacons >>
* India’s Audacious Plan to Bring Digital Banking to 1.2 Billion People >>
* Alphabet’s Schaft unveils a stair-climbing robot that can carry 60kg >>

* Facebook’s quest for world domination to be on display at F8 >>
* Zika virus ‘scarier than thought’ says US >>
* This tiny transformable home puts all others to shame >>

* Google and Microsoft are making gigantic artificial brains >>
* The Atomic Cannon was a thing during the Cold War >>
* New Balance only made 44 pairs of these $400 3D-printed sneakers >>

* A biodegradable water bottle could be the solution to our massive plastic problem >>
* NASA has discovered 72 never-before-seen near-Earth objects >>
* Here’s what happens when you ask Siri if Jon Snow is dead >>

* Will the Foodini Food 3D Printer Be the Microwave of the Future? >>
* What the discovery of gravitational waves means >>
* Useless robot waitstaff force the closure of two restaurants in China >>

* IBM putting watson into Softbank Pepper robot >>
* Astronomy Cast Ep. 410: Planet 9 Facts And Fiction >>
* NASA News Flash: Kepler Spacecraft Recovered from Emergency and Stable >>

* NASA’s K2 Mission Shifts Habitable-Planet Search “To Outposts At Milky Way’s Center” >>
* Scientists Detect Which Patients Are Resistant To Genetic Diseases >>

* Huge Sunspot Turns Earthward >>
* Ep. 409: Spin In The Solar System >>
* Go Behind the Scenes of a Virtual Reality Roller Coaster >>

* Researchers use Zika mosquitoes’ own perfume to lure them to lay eggs in trap >>
* The International Community Is About To Debate Killer Robots >>
* This Floating Gripping Drone Orb Comes In Peace (Probably) >>

* How To Make A Tesla Drive Down Mario Kart’s Rainbow Road >>
* Scientists could learn a lot from 13 people whose genetic mutations should have made them sick, but didn’t >>

* This tiny transformable home puts all others to shame >>
* Everything Looks Miserable for the Starks in the New Game of Thrones Trailer >>
* Major Space Industry Meeting Launches in Colorado This Week >>

* Astronomers Discover a Strange New Class of Super Earths >>
* Computing’s future? It’s in your pocket >>
* A breakdown of everything in the new ‘Game of Thrones’ season 6 trailer >>

* Participate in Future Work/Technology 2050 Scenario 2 Political Turmoil — Future Despair. >>
* Chicago man busted for creating quiet area using cell jammer on public train >>

* Alibaba’s AI predicts all the finalists and winner of hit Chinese singing show >>
* Can Defects Reduce Energy Used To Make Concrete? >>
* A New Zealand Penguin, Hard to Spot, Is Harder to Preserve >>

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