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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 11 April 2016

* What Happens After You Land A Rocket On A Drone Ship? >>
* How about a self-driving highway – from Canada to Mexico? >>
* SpaceX Dragon Arrives at Space Station, Delivers Inflatable Room Prototype >>

* It’s time for upgradable cars: O’Donnell >>
* Crewless ‘drone ships’ will be sailing seas by 2020 >>

* Two Bigelow BA 330 modules planned by 2020 which combined would have 72% of the volume of the ISS >>
* Spacex reusable stages, drone ship technology and the Spacex Heavy >>
* NASA: “Climate Change Shifting Earth’s Motion on Its Polar Axis” >>

* Manned test flights of vertical takeoff and landing 18 rotor electric rotorcraft >>
* Navy P-8 Poseidon Locates Castaways On A Deserted Island In The Pacific >>

* Eight Technologies Revolutionizing Supply Chains >>
* Ground delivery robots: Passing fancy or next wave? >>
* Autodesk looks to future of 3D printing with Project Escher >>

* If The Universe Is Expanding, How Come Galaxies Collide? >>
* Car makers ask the US to slow down on rules for self-driving tech >>
* IBM’s Watson AI Implanted Into a Robot, Evolves, Can Now Sense Emotions >>

* Senators work on what might be the most anti-encryption bill yet >>
* Tourists in Japan could soon use their fingertips to pay for stuff >>
* Despite Lean Space Budgets Russia Is Headed For the Moon >>

* People lose guilt feeling with violent video gaming >>
* These striking images show just how overcrowded China’s population really is >>
* Satya Nadella is playing a deeper game with Microsoft than anyone gave him credit for >>

* How big were the dinosaurs compared to the average human? >>
* Could a space elevator work? >>
* Watch: By 2020 We Will Be Able to Produce a Brain In a Box >>

* Researchers find that ribose, the ‘R’ in RNA, could form naturally in space >>
* Video: Humans Could Engineer Themselves for Long-Term Space Travel >>

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