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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 8 April 2016

* The World’s Smallest Pacemaker Can Be Implanted Without Surgery >>
* Computer Chip Detects Brain Waves That Could Predict Seizures >>
* First Trailer For Rogue One: A Star Wars Story >>

* A stem-cell repair system that can regenerate any kind of human tissue >>
* Electrical stimulation of brain pleasure center reduces chronic pain >>
* IoT Evolution Expo >>

* Watch the first crewed flight of the world’s first “flying car” >>
* How to Watch the Masters in 4K >>
* HIV defies attempt to edit virus out of human cells with CRISPR >>

* This Website Can Teach You to Count Cards Like an MIT Math Genius >>
* Platoons Of Self-driving Trucks Cross Europe >>
* Sweep Is a $250 LIDAR With Range of 40 Meters That Works Outdoors >>

* The Next Obscenely Monstrous Cruise Ship Will Have an Entire Race Track On It >>
* The First Major 4k Broadcast In The United States Will Be Golf >>
* The $100 Million Hunt for Alien Life >>

* Facebook’s Oculus hit by fears it will spy on users and pass on data >>
* Facebook Is Betting Big on Live Video >>
* AI just 3D printed a brand-new Rembrandt, and it’s shockingly good >>

* The HTC Vive Is The Most Fun I’ve Had With Video Games Since The Original Gameboy >>
* Slow growth ahead for IT spending, Gartner says >>
* Machine Learning Will Change Economics >>

* Taco Bell wants you to order your Locos Tacos from an AI chat bot >>
* IBM’s Watson Is Learning To Act A Little More Human >>

* Volvo plans to test 100 autonomous cars on public roads in China >>
* New Windows 10 Preview For PCs With Bash, Cross-Device Cortana Released >>
* This Is What’s Going On In Your Brain When You Read >>

* Video game Technology in 2016 >>
* This Dude’s Fitness Tracker May Have Just Saved His Life >>
* Google’s Self-Driving Cars Will Explore the Desert Roads of Arizona >>

* The ‘Human Computer’ Behind the Moon Landing Was a Black Woman >>
* 13 women leading the life science movement >>
* This App Takes A New Approach To Sex Ed: Fun >>

* Microsoft to ease app-handoff with Windows 10 and beyond with ‘Project Rome’ >>
* 9 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started ‘Quantum Break’ >>
* How Astronomers Are Going to Find Planet Nine >>

* Are We Living in a Computer Simulation? >>
* Earth’s cloud shield against warming may be weaker than thought >>
* Capitalism must be re-engineered if we want a low-carbon world >>

* Firefighters rescue kitten with thermal imaging technology >>
* Blame your GPS For your bad sense of direction >>
* Oculus Rift vs HTC Vive: Which One Should You Buy? >>

* A fleet of trucks just drove themselves across Europe >>
* Wind and Solar Are Crushing Fossil Fuels >>
* Sharp-Foxconn to produce nearly 1 gigawatt of solar cells per year >>

* New Metallic glass Steel composite 3x more resistant to impacts than Tungsten Carbide >>
* DARPA will demonstrate robotic in orbit satellite repair and servicing by 2021 >>
* Bentley wants to put a holographic butler in your car >>

* DARPA drone automatically avoids mid-air collisions in flight tests >>
* SpaceX’s Dragon Is Launching a Huge Science Haul to Space Station Friday >>
* Neutron Star’s Critical Mass Triggers Its Collapse –“Morphing Into a Black Hole” >>

* DARPA’s Self-Driving Submarine Hunter Steers Like a Human >>
* Stronger metals will make lighter material for demanding applications light space vehicles >>
* Microsoft Hololens Breakdown >>

* Damn, It’s Really Complicated To Make a Robot Pick Up a Box >>
* Today Darpa Christens Its Robotic Submarine Hunting Ship >>

* Incredible Timelapse Captures Volcano Growing And Collapsing >>
* The Paradox of the Elephant Brain >>

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