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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 7 April 2016

* ‘Biopen’ lets doctors 3D print cartilage during surgery >>
* This 3D Printer Makes Robots That Can Walk Away as Soon as They’re Done >>
* Powdered Booze Could Fix Your Clogged Arteries >>

* What the Hell Are These People Doing Around Google’s Self-Driving Cars? >>
* The Scary Thing About a Virus That Kills Farmed Fish >>
* Scientists are one step closer to using pig hearts for human transplants >>

* How expandable astronaut habitats could pave the way for private space hotels >>
* “Beyond Pluto” –NASA Ventures Into Unexplored Regions of the Outer Solar System >>
* Nvidia Places Its Bets on Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence >>

* Graphene Could Help Generate Power From Rain >>
* Infrared Asteroid Hunter Nabs 72 New NEO’s in Two Years | Video – See more at: >>
* BEAM Me Up! Prototype Space Room Could Lead to Inflatable Moon Bases >>

* Integrated quantum technology in single chips >>
* Quantum Entanglement harvesting in a vacuum >>
* Storage and retrieval of terahertz-bandwidth single photons via a quantum memory in room-temperature bulk diamond >>

* 3D-printed Rembrandt painting looks almost as good as the real thing >>
* Crazy Airplane Flies In and Out and Through a Wind Farm >>
* Turn your Xbox One into a developer machine for universal Windows apps >>

* Facebook goes all in on live video >>
* Augmented Reality, Not VR, Will Be the Big Winner for Business >>
* US Navy increasing combat lasers power to 500 kilowatt level by 2020 to counter ballistic missiles >>

* Hundreds of requests to unlock phones flood FBI >>
* Q&A with Scientist Who Helped Create a ‘Cortex in a Dish’ System >>
* Planet-Like Free-Floating Object Detected in Our Solar Neighborhood >>

* Farmland Could Help Combat Climate Change >>
* Nvidia Redoubles Focus On Artificial Intelligence And Autonomous Cars >>
* NVIDIA will power the first-ever driverless race cars >>

* DOTA 2 VR spectator mode may be as exciting as playing the game >>
* Google’s Tilt Brush artists show off the power of virtual reality art >>
* Xiaomi made a toy tablet that turns into a Transformers robot >>

* 2-D Boron Is an Intrinsic Superconductor >>
* What happens when drones and people sync their vision? >>
* Giant Delivery Blimp Sucks Stuff Up and Then Poops It Out >>

* Quantum computing: Game changer or security threat? >>
* Check Out All the Largest Flying Boats in History >>
* Supermassive Black Holes Are More Common Than We Thought >>

* A Cosmic Explosion Left Radioactive Fallout at the Bottom of the Ocean >>
* Live VR Streaming Is Made Easy With The Orah 4i >>
* Aging In Virtual Reality >>

* Canada’s health wearables coming in from cold >>
* Can IoT make bike rides safer? >>
* BB-8 Toy Watches And Reacts To ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ >>

* Women’s Emotions Do Not Cause Their Migraines >>
* Can electric shocks really make you fitter? >>
* A Spouse’s Death Can Make Your Heart Miss A Beat >>

* 3D projections turn trees into divinities >>
* MIT 3D prints a complete walking robot >>
* DARPA helps drones avoid mid-air collisions >>

* Grail Data Points To Possible Lava Tubes On The Moon >>
* Integrated quantum technology in single chips >>

* ‘Star Wars: Episode Viii’: Frank Oz, Voice Of Yoda, Rumored To Be On Set >>
* ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Audition Tape Shows Tough, Vulnerable Daisy Ridley >>
* Pixar’s Newest Star, Piper, Is Beyond Adorable >>

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