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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 6 April 2016

* Why A Virtual Reality Web May Never Happen >>
* NVIDIA Creates a 15B-Transistor Chip With 16GB Bandwidth Memory For Deep Learning >>
* IKEA Wants You to Plan Your Next Kitchen in VR >>

* A ‘Fitbit’ for cows is here to help farmers get more milk out of their cattle >>
* Gene therapy gets approval for ‘bubble kids’ in world first >>
* Whatsapp Now Encrypts All Messaging For Its Billion Users >>

* Driving Automation: What If Manufacturer Decides To Shut Your Car Down? >>
* The reality of AR/VR business models >>

* NVIDIA’s insane DGX-1 is a computer tailor-made for deep learning >>
* Nvidia’s DGX-1 supercomputer packs the horsepower of 250 servers >>
* The Race to Turn Gassy Hydrogen into Solid Metal >>

* Toyota and Microsoft join forces to work on smart cars >>
* Microsoft and Sony seem to disagree on the future of game consoles >>

* Sick Swordfighting Skills Keep This Drone From Crashing >>
* Why the Hell is China Sending Crude Oil Into Space? >>
* Google’s Tilt Brush Is The First Great VR App >>

* Intel surrounding CMOS with new device architectures using new materials such as magnetic memories, Qubits, GaN transistors >>
* World’s Smallest Diode Is Made of DNA >>
* 3D-printing a structure with active chemistry >>

* This Drone Fires Nets To Catch Other Drones >>
* This Modular Garage Door Opener Has More Features Than Your Car >>
* Baboon Survives Nearly Three Years With a Pig’s Heart and Humans Might Be Next >>

* Will Robocars Make You Puke? >>
* Touching a Robot’s ‘Intimate Parts’ Makes People Uncomfortable >>
* How Livermore Scientists Will Put IBM’s Brain-Inspired Chips To The Test >>

* These mixed-reality trailers show you exactly what gaming on the HTC Vive is like >>
* 4 smart appliances for a more harmonious home >>
* Private Space Hab For ISS – How Bigelow’s BEAM Works | Video >>

* Three autonomous Mercedes-Benz trucks just platooned across Europe >>
* Samsung kind of cracks the 10nm barrier with new 8GB DDR4 slabs >>
* In A New State Of Matter, Electrons Can Break Into Pieces >>

* Major Upgrade Will Boost Brightness World’s Brightest X-ray Laser by 10,000 times >>
* Hacking life: how to program new functions for living bacteria and yeast >>
* The Early Mars –“Massive Comet and Asteroid Impact Enhanced Life-Supporting Habitat” >>

* Space Station Skims A Sea of Airglow, Star-fire and Lightning | Video >>
* Longer thinner wings using struts for support could be 50% more fuel efficient >>
* Fifth generation russian sub will combine strategic nuclear and multi-purpose qualities >>

* Salesforce buys AI specialist MetaMind to avoid being ‘flanked’ >>
* Facing Down the World’s Deadliest Pathogens in a BSL4 Lab >>
* First look: HTC Vive >>

* El Nino can have huge impact on marine food chain, study finds >>
* My Life On (Simulated) Mars >>
* Watch: Facebook uses AI to describe photos to blind users >>

* This sofa inflates in seconds and can collapse into a backpack >>
* IGNITION 2016: Virtual reality is here >>
* Here’s one thing Google and Microsoft agree on (and they’re right) >>

* Lego ‘Star Wars’ Game Shows Off Flexible Fun in Gameplay Trailer >>
* Another Star Wars Hero Is Definitely Coming Back for Episode VIII >>
* RIP Erik Bauersfeld, the Voice of Admiral Ackbar and Bib Fortuna >>

* Watch This 45-Minute Documentary on the Making of Disney’s Zootopia >>
* 9 physics concepts every time travel enthusiast should master >>
* A Google exec shares her favorite job interview question — and what she looks for in every candidate >>

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