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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 5 April 2016

* Programming language makes circuits out of bacteria >>
* Infertile Mice Give Birth, Thanks To 3d-printed Ovaries >>
* 3D ‘mini-retinas’ grown from human stem cells >>

* Scientists identify neurons that help you process emotions >>
* MIT Develops Accurate System For Tracking People, Objects Via WiFi >>
* The Rogue Immune Cells That Wreck the Brain >>

* Blue Origin rocket video shows smoothest return to Earth yet >>
* Wireless charging system for EVs is nearly as good as plugging in >>
* Combining Magnetic and Electric Sails for Interstellar Deceleration into target solar systems >>

* Mysterious New Quantum State of Matter Discovered –“First Predicted 40 Years Ago” >>
* Researchers Just Discovered a New State of Matter >>
* Massachusetts clearing a lane for self-driving cars >>

* Drones Marshaled to Drop Lifesaving Supplies Over Rwandan Terrain >>
* Lab-Grown Skin Sprouts Hair and Sweats >>
* Planet Nine might be an exoplanet stolen by the sun >>

* Mobile Phones Promise to Bring Banking to the World’s Poorest >>
* World’s most powerful X-ray laser will get 10,000 times brighter >>
* Australian Man Uses 1TB of Mobile Data in a Single Day >>

* ‘Artificial gills’ maker relaunches Indiegogo campaign amidst controversy >>
* Microsoft solidifies its blockchain-as-a-service work with new banking partnership >>
* The Era Of The Intelligent Cloud Has Arrived >>

* Boeing Innovates Team To Produce New Satellite >>
* Device Rotates A Single Cell To Take 3d Images With A Phone >>
* Google search can now teach you animal sounds >>

* Crispy Chocolate Shells Could Help Us Make Better Rockets And Airplane >>
* Kinema Systems De-Stealths, Demos Deft Depalletizer >>
* Robotic in orbit assembly of sails and laser propulsion elements >>

* Flickering Supermassive Black Hole Beyond the Milky Way –“Signal Baffles Astronomers” >>
* Drone plane startup nabs funds from Paul Allen, Jerry Yang >>
* The Oldest Planet in the Milky Way? –“Orbits a White Dwarf Three Times as Old as Our Solar System” >>

* New Drone Footage Shows the Progress of Apple’s Pile of Mud >>
* ‘Moon Shot’ Series Tells Personal Stories of X Prize Competitors >>
* Slow Motion Footage Reveals Exactly How Cats Always Land on Their Feet >>

* Does Giving Blood Harm Your Immune System? >>
* Can IoT help stop the utility death spiral? >>

* The Team Behind Doctor Who and the Writer of Skins Will Give The Golden Compass New Life >>
* The Growing Power Of Facebook Live >>
* ‘Things’ are about to get a cheaper way to connect to the internet >>

* How Google’s AlphaGo Imitates Human Intuition >>
* What Really Killed the Dinosaurs? >>
* Cells That Compute Come Closer to Reality >>

* Two-legged cat rides Roomba while waiting for bionic legs >>
* NASA is about to send BEAM to the International Space Station >>
* Sex Of Your Baby May Depend On 1 Ancient Virus >>

* Programming language for novel biological circuits >>
* 2.6TB Data Leak Reveals Corruption Amongst World Leaders >>

* Samsung Gear VR now works with the web’s native VR format >>
* Tech Jobs Are Replacing Tech Jobs in Silicon Valley >>
* A programming language for living cells >>

* Corrosion Resistant Drone can stay underwater for months and then launch for missions >>
* Future basing of US stealth bombers >>
* Progress to regrowing parts of the eyes as rabbit corneas created from stem cells to restore sight in blind rabbits >>

* This Factor Is Key to Your Attractiveness >>
* WeWork’s apartments of the future are officially open, starting at $1,375 a month for a Murphy bed >>

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