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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 3 April 2016

* Robots record brain activity inside neurons >>
* Researchers believe they’ve discovered ‘anti-memories’ >>
* vMocion looks to end motion sickness in virtual reality by tricking your brain >>

* Don’t Want Aliens Dropping By? Engage Laser Cloaking Device >>
* Mouse Skin, Complete With Fur, Grown In Lab >>
* Windows 10 Anniversary Update Will Bring Android Notifications To Your PC >>

* Tiny MEMS gravity sensor could detect drug tunnels, mineral deposits and trigger a commercial revolution larger than MEMS motion sensors >>
* Machine Learning for Easier Dieting >>
* 10 Breakthrough Technologies 2016 >>

* Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin Launches and Lands Private Rocket for Third Time >>
* Mars Life Hunt: Could Basin Host Remains of an Ancient Biosphere? >>
* Andromeda’s First Spinning Neutron Star Found >>

* Mixing Paint Together Is Gorgeously Stimulating >>
* Why It’s Taking Years To Shave Seconds Off The World Record For Super Mario >>

* More People Worldwide Are Now Obese Than Underweight >>
* DNA nanotechnology defeats drug resistance in cancer cells >>
* New 3D Printing Technique Makes Complex Ceramics for Spaceships >>

* Mind-boggling Fungi Mutuarium turns plastic waste into edible mushrooms >>
* Artificial intelligence steals money from banking customers >>
* Eat your heart out, quad-cores, Intel just dropped a 22-core CPU on us. Boom >>

* Super Realistic Lab-Grown Skin Even Sprouts Hair >>
* Nanoparticle ‘cluster bombs’ destroy cancer cells >>
* An astounding nanoscale magnified view of bacterial ‘motors’ >>

* Lockheed sells an order for a dozen LMH1 hybrid airships >>
* MIT’s Smartphone Laser Scanner Is Totally Decent and Costs $49 >>
* Silicon and Graphene Combo Finally Achieve Lithium-Ion Battery Greatness >>

* Overfed fetus may become an overweight adolescent >>
* IBM’s resistive computing could accelerate Artificial Intelligence by 5000 times over Nvidia GPUs >>
* Paul Allen expanding Institute for Artificial Intelligence >>

* Globe photos of the month, March 2016 >>
* Japanese VR Game: Save The Cat Or Die Trying >>
* The Next Water Crisis Is Looming—How Can Tech Help? >>

* Submarine and Missile Sensors to be used in Mitsubishi Self-Driving Cars >>
* A Rocket Launch Seen From the ISS Is as Spectacular as a Comet >>
* Nasa Is Making Weather Forecasts Better By Measuring Raindrops From Space >>

* Elon Musk Says Nearly 200,000 Tesla Model 3 Cars Pre-ordered In 24 Hours >>
* Mile-high Mountains In Middle Of Mars Craters Were Built By Wind >>
* Light Could Become the Dominant Form of Heat Transfer >>

* SETI to begin searching older star systems for sentient life >>
* Ten Tips From A Shaolin Monk On How To Stay Young Forever >>
* Is Planet X Linked To Mass Extinctions? >>

* Startup-built device can perform 8 health tests >>
* People who never forget their past could have unique kind of OCD >>
* Great Innovators Create the Future, Manage the Present, and Selectively Forget the Past >>

* Robots infiltrate insect world to learn their ways >>
* Mother’s Smoking During Pregnancy Affects Baby’s DNA >>
* Flat Boron May Be The World’s Only 2d Superconductor >>

* A Futuristic Suit That Gives You a Taste of Old Age >>

* For Virtual Reality The Future Is Wow, But Maybe Not Yet Now >>
* Microfluidic Probe for Personalized Healthcare >>

* LG says its wireless charging tech for phones is as fast as wired >>
* Xbox’s first universal Windows apps include Hulu, NASCAR, Nickelodeon, and Dailymotion >>

* Mitsubishi missile attack on self-driving cars >>
* Why Microsoft wants to help developers build bots >>
* DARPA’s reusable unmanned ‘gremlin’ planes are a go >>

* Watson made a simple apple pie complicated >>
* Refrigerator-Sized Machine Can Print Pills on Demand >>
* This is what it looks like when a neural net colorizes photos >>

* DARPA starts speed testing its submarine-hunting drone ship >>
* Largest network of cortical neurons mapped from ~100 terabytes data set >>
* Why airplane windows have tiny holes >>

* A record number of people in Japan are dying from overwork >>
* The Bionic Pancreas Is Getting Closer to Reality >>

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