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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 1 April 2016

* There’s Finally a Good Way to Kill Wifi Passwords >>
* Transparent Wood Could Replace Glass, Become Coolest Building Material Ever >>
* We May Need Fusion-powered Rockets To Stop Comets From Destroying Earth >>

* This Plastic Surgery Smartphone Game >>
* The race is on to be the Microsoft Office for drones >>
* Intel’s 22-core Broadwell chips will speed up cloud services >>

* Netflix’s Original Content Library Is Growing By 185% Each Year >>
* Watch the Microsoft Build 2016 Day 2 keynote live right here >>
* Microsoft’s Edge browser will offer ad blocking >>

* This Is What The Zika Virus Looks Like In Near-atomic Detail >>
* Scientists at Fermilab Are About to Start Shooting Neutrinos Through the Earth >>
* MIT turns Wi-Fi Into Indoor GPS >>

* Seti Expands Search For Alien Life To 20,000 New Star Systems >>
* Microsoft’s new tools let businesses integrate Skype into their own web and mobile apps >>
* BMW gets into the virtual assistant game with its ConnectedDrive app >>

* The new Microsoft HoloLens Development Edition unboxing >>
* Oculus Rift teardown reveals many, many chips and a hidden microphone >>
* Yamaha ramps up autonomous motorbike efforts >>

* Inside the shape-shifting VR factory of manufacturing’s future >>
* Microsoft Launches HoloLens Emulator, No Headset Required >>
* A New Approach to Understanding Alzheimer’s Disease >>

* BMW connects customers through Azure cloud >>
* Smartphone assistant now offers help if you say ‘I was raped’ >>
* 3 Things we learned about Microsoft BUILD >>

* USA Today gets fully immersed in HoloLens >>
* A single shot, long-term male contraception soon >>
* This $700 million startup thinks artificial intelligence tech should oversee your entire financial life >>

* These Will Be The Top Jobs In 2025 (And The Skills You’ll Need To Get Them) >>
* Microsoft has an addictive website that takes the face-swapping craze to hilarious new levels >>
* Astronomers observed a black hole blowing space winds equivalent to a category 77 hurricane in strength >>

* Microsoft is helping people build iPhone and Android apps, for free >>
* Village of 100-YEAR-OLDS: Rosemary holds secret to Italian community with 300 centenarians >>
* NASA will attempt to develop drugs in space >>

* Microsoft’s racist bot shows we must teach AI to play nice and police themselves >>
* Nvidia Spotlights AI, Cars, VR >>
* Lockheed sells an order for a dozen LMH1 hybrid airships >>

* Clippy’s Back: The Future of Microsoft Is Chatbots >>
* The Byzantine Science of Deceiving Artificial Intelligence >>
* Scientists create living ‘insect-computer hybrid’ with user-adjustable speed and gait >>

* Citizen scientists, you can now DIY your own DNA analysis with Bento Lab >>
* Team of Rival Scientists Comes Together to Fight Zika >>
* What’s trending in the IoT space >>

* ‘First-Born’ Galaxies After Big Bang –“Until Now Have Evaded Detection” >>
* ‘Laser Cloak’ Could Hide Earth from Evil Aliens >>
* Kennedy’s Modernized Spaceport Passes Key Review Supporting Sls/Orion Launches >>

* China proposes $50+ trillion Global UHV grid connecting all power generation including massive wind farm at the North Pole by 2050 >>
* The Dial-a-Drug Machine >>
* Ahead of Apple CareKit’s Debut, Physicians Still Skeptical of Health Apps >>

* Aiming to Reduce Environmental Load via Flow Control >>
* We do not understand 149 of the 473 genes in Craig Venter’s artificial cell with the minimum genome needed for life >>

* The Great Transmogrification of Atoms to Bits >>
* Drug Companies Are Paying Millions to Delay The Release of Generic Drugs >>
* Google’s Internet of Things divisions have fallen on some hard times >>

* Microsoft’s opening-day Build keynote in just 10 minutes >>
* A Wannabe Supervillain Built His Own Thermite Cannon >>
* I Want to Spend All Day In This Hammock Rocking Chair >>

* Apple is now collecting some medical data from iPhones. Here’s why >>
* Microsoft wants Azure to power the next gen of IoT devices >>
* Mission 360 is a VOD platform for yoga, meditation, fitness classes >>

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