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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 30 March 2016

* Google’s ‘Fiber Phone’ is a new kind of land line >>
* The Nameless Mouse Behind the Largest-Ever Neural Network >>
* Introducing A New Form Of Gps (Gastrointestinal Probiotic Surveillance) >>

* Silicon Valley Looks to Artificial Intelligence for the Next Big Thing >>
* Neuromorphic supercomputer has 16 million neurons >>
* Blood test shows evidence of concussion up to a week after injury >>

* Nervana Systems creating optimized deep learning chip for accelerated deep learning >>
* Biological mechanism passes on long-term epigenetic ‘memories’ from parents to children >>
* The future of business is that the customer is the labor and the capital >>

* With New Acquisition, Tinder Gets Into ‘augmented Reality’ >>
* The Secret to Stopping Foodborne Illness Might Be Lasers >>
* Once-promising Robot Anesthesiologist Loses Its Job >>

* City Birds Outwit Country Counterparts >>
* Brain-shocking therapy may work by boosting calcium in the brain >>
* Cutting the Cord: More movies headed for homes >>

* Bringing Big Neural Networks to Self-Driving Cars, Smartphones, and Drones >>
* 2016’s Top Ten Tech Cars: Ferrari 488 Spider >>
* Hybrid 3D Printer Using 5-Axis Control >>

* Researchers use optogenetic light to block tumor development >>
* Quanterix’s Magnetic Tech for Fighting Football Concussions >>
* ‘OCULUS FACE’ Is The Sign Of Our Virtual Times >>

* The future of live streaming is here, in 360° >>
* NASA’s flying methane meter built for Mars finds work on Earth >>
* Congress may block state laws mandating access to encrypted devices >>

* Baidu using AI to turn large amounts of data into huge amounts of value >>
* Supermassive Black Hole Jets Detected Exceeding Known Physical Limits –“Hotter Than 10-Trillion Degrees” >>
* 7 virtual reality experiences that will blow your mind >>

* How human body ages explained >>
* Japan’s high life expectancy linked to diet, study finds >>
* Indian-led team of doctors develops technology to monitor cancer treatment >>

* Astronomy Cast Ep. 408: Universe Cannibalism >>
* Nature-inspired precisely assembled nanotubes >>
* 20 Crucial Terms Every 21st Century Futurist Should Know >>

* The Oculus Rift is incredibly easy to set up and use >>
* This mind-melting thought experiment of Einstein’s reveals how to manipulate time >>
* Scientists are still struggling to answer a fundamental question in genetic research >>

* Russia Navy getting improved 885M submarines in 2016 but next subs could use composite structures >>
* Japan’s Black Hole Telescope Is In Trouble >>
* Craig Venter’s team designs, builds first minimal synthetic bacterial cell >>

* Near term airplane engines that are 20% more efficient and 70% efficiency gains in the 2020s >>
* Los Angeles Times | Robots are coming for your job >>
* 2016’s Top Ten Tech Cars: Tesla Model X >>

* 7 Amazing Pictures Of Alaska’s Erupting Volcano >>
* NASA’s New Launch Software Is Way Over Budget and Behind Schedule >>

* Google Fiber’s latest innovation is a landline >>
* Successful Companies Don’t Just Have A Brand Identity, They Create A Total Brand Experience >>

* Oculus Rift Review: The Beginning Of The Age of VR >>
* Apple’s fight for the iPhone only the beginning >>
* Volkswagen recall is third electric car call-back in a month >>

* Ice-Cream Prices Set to Skyrocket Due to Shortage of Vanilla >>
* Illegal drone use is getting out of control >>
* Compression Tights With Resistance >>

* Kuvée is trying to reinvent wine with a ridiculous Wi-Fi bottle >>
* Maturity doesn’t have to be boring. The 40-year old Apple >>
* Google Fiber just announced a home phone service inspired by Google Voice >>

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