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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 27 March 2016

* HoloLens TED Talk shows what augmented reality can do >>
* Has the Internet of Things gone too far? >>
* ‘Holoportation’ demo makes live-video holograms look easy >>

* Volvo’s keyless app will let you lend your car to friends remotely >>
* Gillmor Gang: No Flipping >>
* AR, VR are driving major innovations in tech >>

* International ‘Moon Village’ Is Way To Go According To European Space Agency >>
* Google launches the Android Experiments I/O Challenge for open-source app developers >>
* The Race Is On to Control Artificial Intelligence, and Tech’s Future >>

* `Mammograms can screen for heart disease among women’ >>
* Microsoft Build 2016: What to expect >>
* Eric Drexler talks about Cambrian Explosion in AI and Safe Access to Super Intelligence tools >>

* IBM Researchers Propose Device To Dramatically Speed Up Neural-Net Learning >>
* India Aims To Become 100% Electric Vehicle Nation By 2030 >>
* Moons of Saturn May Be Younger Than Era of the Dinosaurs >>

* Oculus reduces latency with shiny new tech >>
* Implantable Chip Measures and Adjusts Dopamine Levels in Mouse Brain >>
* Hulu Vr And Netflix Vr: The Apps Compared >>

* 6 high-tech, energy-generating roads >>
* DARPA thinks it has the solution to satellite longevity >>
* DARPA kicks off $2m Grand Challenge focused on intelligently splitting up radio spectrum >>

* 2020 is set to be the biggest year yet for Mars exploration >>
* Google wants developers making crazy Android experiments >>
* The Optics Of Superman’s ‘X-Ray Vision’ >>

* Hulu enters virtual reality on Gear VR, no subscription required >>
* NASA to use the ISS as a testbed for inflatable living modules >>
* The Dirty Secrets of Hardware Crowdfunding >>

* This Chip Could Finally Make a Real Quantum Computer >>
* This Self-Propelled Circular Saw Keeps Your Fingers Completely Safe >>

* Wi-Fi industry standards needed to fuel IoT growth >>
* Bluetooth IoT devices tout new energy savings >>
* How Virtual Reality Will Democratize Learning >>

* Robot trolleys (self)drive up productivity at BMW >>
* Stem Cell Therapy for Cats >>
* A Ski Town Greenhouse Takes Local Produce to Another Level >>

* Is A New Era Of Physics Dawning? Physicists “electrified” By Discovery Of New Particle >>
* Microsoft HoloLens Getting Ready To Ship To Developers >>
* Strange Worms Are Taking Their Place on Your Family Tree >>

* A computer scientist built an AI baby that looks realistic and can learn freakishly fast >>
* This video from the genius behind HoloLens shows what Microsoft was thinking >>
* Google is reportedly building a new live streaming app called YouTube Connect >>

* The top ten conspiracy theories in the world >>
* Single-atom lasers change gears >>
* 3D Print from Your Smartphone with $99 OLO–Check Out Raging Kickstarter Campaign, Over $832K and Rising Fast >>

* The Science of Consciousness: Final 2016 conference program >>
* PBS News Hour | Inventor Ray Kurzweil sees immortality in our future >>
* Robots Building Robots, EggBot Op Art, and The Beginning of T-1000 >>

* Hybrid airships nearing significant commercialization >>
* Russia upgrading current and future submarines with new missiles and underwater robotic drones >>
* Nanocones Funnel Light So Solar Cells Soak Up More Sun >>

* New type of molecular tag makes MRI 10,000 times more sensitive >>
* Google makes cloud machine learning available for everyone to use >>
* Google Lunar XPRIZE | Moon Shot | Official Trailer >>

* Meteorologist Drops 20 DC Puns During Weekend Forecast >>
* The First Urban Drone Delivery Just Happened In Nevada >>
* It’s 2026 and Anyone in This Room Could Be a Hologram >>

* Just Because Lockheed Says They Can Build A Mach 6 Spy Plane Doesn’t Mean We Need One >>
* Machines Get A Little Better At Lip Reading >>
* The Supergirl TV Show Wants Lynda Carter to Be Its President >>

* This Model of the Sun’s Magnetic Field Is Beautiful Insanity >>
* Intel Puts the Brakes on Moore’s Law >>
* Hybrid airships nearing significant commercialization >>

* Google makes cloud machine learning available for everyone to use >>
* The Oculus Rift has started shipping >>
* Mad Scientists Created Synthetic Bacteria With Only 473 Genes >>

* Saturn’s Moons and Rings May Be Younger Than the Dinosaurs >>
* Why HPC supercomputing is speeding up machine learning research >>
* How Scale is Enabling Deep Learning >>

* A Little 3-D Printer on the ISS Is a Huge Step for Space Exploration >>
* Is Nasa’s ‘impossible’ fuel-free thruster a step closer to reality? >>
* A rose, a prince, and a short walk through the future of VR storytelling >>

* New trailers: The Lego Batman Movie, Deepwater Horizon, April and the Extraordinary World, and more >>

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