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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 25 March 2016

* Scientists push a record 57Gbps through fiber optic lines >>
* AI-written novel passes first round of a literary competition >>
* Baidu built an A.I. that predicts dangerous crowds and stampedes >>

* Twitter taught Microsoft’s AI chatbot to be a racist asshole in less than a day >>
* Genetically modified maggots may change the way we treat wounds >>
* Craig Venter Just Hacked Bacteria To Have The Smallest Genome Possible >>

* AlphaGo and the Declining Advantage of Big Companies >>
* Alphabet’s ‘Moonshots’ Head Astro Teller: Fear Of AI And Robots Is Wildly Overblown >>
* In Shift to Streaming, Music Business Has Lost Billions >>

* Palmer Luckey Says Oculus May Lose Money on Virtual Reality, and That’s Ok >>
* ‘Virtual Desktop’ Converts Your Entire PC Into A VR Experience >>

* SXSW 2016: Key trends >>
* Recharge lets you book a hotel room — for minutes at a time >>
* Microsoft launches first preview of Skype for the Universal Windows Platform >>

* Sony is developing PlayStation games for iOS and Android >>
* 10 Potentially Game Changing Wearable Technology Innovations >>
* Machine Learning Could Be Google’s Secret Cloud Weapon >>

* BMW announces Android app integration >>
* Artificial cell designed in lab reveals genes essential to life >>
* The Black Hole Collision That Reshaped Physics >>

* This $99 device turns your phone into a 3D printer >>
* Scientists finally figured out what turned this lake a mysterious shade of pink >>
* Paul Allen Announces Funding for Research at the Frontiers of Bioengineering and Systems Biology >>

* ‘Small nuclear’ reactors explained using bags of rice >>
* Pill that ‘lights up’ breast cancer could lead to more accurate screening >>
* Reserchers roll out new method for making the invisible brushes that repel dirt >>

* Automakers Ready for 5G? >>
* Why Autonomous Cars Are ‘Absolutely Not Ready’ >>
* 12 In-Car Devices to Watch Drivers >>

* Body Labs Secures Patents for 3D Body Modeling and Virtual Reality Technologies >>
* The Future And You >>
* Voice-controlled nutrition tracker may aid weight loss >>

* Researchers find new mechanism to explain the birth of cloud droplets >>
* Oculus’ virtual reality headset to launch without fanfare >>
* Daimler demos truck platooning to save 7% on fuel and has network connected 365000 trucks already >>

* China’s 5 year plan for doubling nuclear power generation >>
* This augmented reality headset is a board game lover’s dream come true >>
* The Moon’s Other Axis >>

* Sun’s Superflare of AD 775 –“Ten to 100 Times Larger Than Largest Eruption Observed During the Space Age” >>
* Moonbase By 2022 For $10 Billion, Says Nasa >>
* Machines Just Got Better at Lip Reading >>

* London’s Crossrail Is a $21 Billion Test of Virtual Modeling >>
* Crumpling Graphene Repeatedly Adds a New Wrinkle >>
* Berkeley Lab scientists make major advance in understanding a basic process of life with structure of protein organization at beginning of every gene >>

* Exploring long-range communications in the brain >>
* The Best Solution to Stop Skyscrapers From Casting Shadows on Central Park >>
* Mysterious Disappearance of the USS Conestoga Finally Solved After 95 Years >>

* This Map Is the Most Complete Catalog Ever Made of Everything in Our Sky >>
* Here’s How We Prevent The Next Racist Chatbot >>
* Microsoft says it’s making ‘adjustments’ to Tay chatbot after Internet ‘abuse’ >>

* This handgun folds up to look just like a smartphone >>
* Geek’s what to watch: Batman fighting Superman, Flash, Supergirl, and more >>

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