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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 24 March 2016

* Google launches new machine learning platform >>
* Google opens access to its speech recognition API, going head to head with Nuance >>
* Google Maps Moves The World’s Borders Depending On Who’s Looking >>

* Moon’s Axis Shifted 6° Over 1 Billion Years >>
* This drone can paint your house better than you can >>

* Vaccines that target cancer cells using their own DNA could help eliminate tumors >>
* This tiny electric car could be the future of urban transportation >>
* Microsoft’s new AI-powered bot Tay answers your tweets and chats on GroupMe and Kik >>

* Alphago explained by Demi sHassabis >>
* How Deep Learning can achieve Artificial General Intelligence >>
* ‘Minecraft’ gets its first live concert >>

* The Singularity and the Neural Code >>
* Inducing Deep Sleep After Head Injury May Protect the Brain >>
* Explosive road rage-like anger linked to parasite spread by cats >>

* Risky Rats Help Shine Light on Brain Circuitry Behind Taking a Chance >>
* Shooting Lasers at Frogs Brings Us Closer to Curing Cancer >>
* NVIDIA Announces New Quadro M6000 With 24GB Memory Buffer For Heavy Workloads >>

* What Would It Take To Build A Completely Tornado-Proof House? >>
* The Science Behind The Colors We See >>
* Researchers Propose Neural Network To Assess Your State of Mind From Your Voice >>

* Printing nanomaterials with plasma on flexible surfaces and 3D objects >>
* Boom, the startup that wants to build supersonic planes, just signed a massive deal with Virgin >>

* Two Comets Just Made Historic Near-Earth Flybys: See Images and Video >>
* What 17 Prominent Roboticists Think Google Should Do With Its Robots >>
* Swirly Antennas Will Hunt for the Twists of Ancient Gravitational Waves >>

* We’re More Honest With Our Phones Than With Our Doctors >>
* Why APIs Now Mean Business Transformation, Not Just Technology Infrastructure >>
* Technology is changing how we retire >>

* Combat systems and railguns will be added to new Zumwalt Destroyers >>
* Exploring the risks of artificial intelligence >>

* Switching mobile carriers will become much easier this year >>
* Quantum networkers, watch out: Twisting light slows it down >>
* What Would It Take to Disrupt a Platform Like Facebook? >>

* Android Pay launching in the UK in the next few months >>
* Pornhub gets immersive with new virtual reality category >>
* Pirated ‘star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Blu-ray Leaks Online >>

* FBI is working with Cellebrite to unlock San Bernardino iPhone, reports say >>
* Meet Tay, Microsoft’s new AI chat bot >>

* Tank Manufacturing Plant Exclusively for Stainless Steel Products >>
* Astronomy Picture of the Day >>
* Miniaturized Sibling of OTTO Material Handling Robot Joins Clearpath Fleet >>

* A morphing metal for soft robots and other machines >>
* The Tides of Mind: Uncovering the Spectrum of Consciousness >>
* Solving Dark Matter and Dark Energy >>

* The Same Rules of Nature Apply to Elephants and E. Coli >>
* The 9 Most Breathtaking Images from the Smithsonian’s Annual Photo Contest >>
* How The Force Awakens Should Have Ended, As Told Through Lego >>

* Crumpled Graphene Can Be Even Better Than the Flat Stuff >>
* This Beautiful Mess Is What Happens When Sound Hits a Bubble >>
* Moore’s Law Stutters at Intel >>

* AT&T’s Wi-Fi Calling Is Now a Cheap Way to Phone Home From Overseas >>
* This Drone Video That Takes You All Around the World Is Truly Gorgeous >>
* Take a 4K VR tour around Google’s Oregon data center >>

* 6 Reasons Why Industry Needs to Be Agile as Software to Survive >>
* How the Moon Moved: Lunar Poles Have Wandered >>
* Streaming now outsells downloads – Recording Industry Ass. of America >>

* Brains of elderly people who exercise look 10 years younger >>
* Hands-On With Blomberg’s New Self Cleaning Dishwasher >>
* Facebook taps artificial intelligence for users with disabilities >>

* New gene identified as cause, early indicator of breast cancer >>
* 11 TED Talks to watch when you’re feeling totally burned out >>

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