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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 22 March 2016

* Graphene Wristband Senses Your Blood Sugar–and Treats It >>
* This Technicolor Mutant Zebrafish Is Synthetic Biology’s Craziest Creation Yet >>
* 2015 Is Officially the Hottest Year on Record >>

* This Factory Robot Learns a New Job Overnight >>
* 14 kg Radar Carrying UAV Extends Ship’s Horizon 25 nautical miles >>
* The Scary Efficiency of Autonomous Intersections >>

* Nasa Sees The Shockwave Of An Exploding Star For The First Time >>
* “Minority Report” Tech Meets the Operating Room >>
* Supreme Court will weigh Samsung-Apple patent battle >>

* Apple goes retro with $399 iPhone SE, smaller iPad Pro >>
* Apple unveils the new 4-inch iPhone SE >>
* Apple TV updated with folders, dictation and Siri for App Store >>
* Apple’s CareKit will help patients better manage their illnesses >>
* Everything you need to know about the iMessage security flaw patched by iOS 9.3 >>
* Apple Tv Update Will Finally Let You Speak Your Password >>
* CareKit Is Apple’s Ambitious New Health Monitoring and Tracking Tool >>
* Tim Cook on Apple’s battle with FBI: ‘We will not shrink from our responsibility’ >>
* Boaty McBoatface: What You Get When You Let the Internet Decide >>

* Fish with rainbow skin shows how cells move when skin regrows >>
* Weather records broken as world faces alarming levels of change >>

* Sperm Switch Could Lead To Unisex Birth Control >>
* Manta rays are first fish to recognise themselves in a mirror >>

* Frozen rabbit kidneys could solve organ shortage for transplants >>
* Twitter at 10: Jack Dorsey looks to the next 10 years >>
* Rare comet ‘twins’ to zip past Earth >>

* How To Bake An Earth – Astronomers Look For Life’s Recipe In Virgo Cluster | Video >>
* Galactic-Scale Gravitational Wave Observatory –“Currently Monitoring 54 Pulsars” >>
* There’s now a driverless bicycle >>

* Artificial intelligence is still in its infancy—and that should scare us >>
* DARPA using peripheral nerve stimulation to accelerate learning >>
* A full sized beating bioengineered human heart has been made with hearts recellularized with stem cells >>

* When slower is faster: how to get rid of traffic lights >>
* The Problem of AI Consciousness >>
* Deep Learning Meetup #6 >>

* DARPA Squad X and Squad X core Technology programs wants to merge UAVs and robots >>
* This Wearable Patch Uses Sweat To Monitor Blood Glucose Levels >>
* Skydio’s Camera Drone Finally Delivers on Autonomous Flying Promises >>

* The Two-Mile-Long Tunnel Beneath Seattle Makes Humans Look So Tiny >>
* Look at the Monster Magnet Made for America’s First Offshore Wind Farm >>
* China Has A New Armed Drone Helicopter >>

* When Autonomous Vehicles Roam the Roads, We Won’t Need Stop Lights >>
* Even Poor Biometrics Are Better Than No Security At All >>
* How robots will reshape the U.S. economy >>

* Google plans to bring internet to Cuba, Obama says >>
* 25 free, awesome Windows programs: Top tools for every task >>
* Self-Driving Cars and the Looming Privacy Apocalypse >>

* Researchers break Apple’s iMessage encryption, will be fixed in iOS 9.3 >>
* Your kinky fetishes are totally normal >>
* How Space-Based Solar Power Plants Could Be Built By Robots On the Moon >>

* I lost a weekend playing ‘Miitomo,’ Nintendo’s first smartphone game >>
* New ResearchKit update allows developers to upload patients’ genetic data >>
* How close are we to curing cancer? >>

* There’s Not Much Evidence That Standing Desks Benefit Your Health >>
* Drones Break the Ice on Antarctic Deep-Freeze Mission [Video] >>

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