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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 21 March 2016

* Portable DNA Sequencer MinION Helps Build the Internet of Living Things >>
* Inflatable Addition To The Space Station Will Launch In April >>
* Panasonic gives us our first look at bionic factory workers >>

* Companies Want to Replicate Your Dead Loved Ones With Robot Clones >>
* Virtual reality dome for military simulations >>
* Wearable BioStamp could change medicine >>

* This computer will grow your food in the future >>
* New alloys could lead to next generation of nuke plant metals >>

* New Realtime 3D Modeling Can Turn You Into Any Celebrity on Camera >>
* Gillmor Gang: Botily Fluids; Gang predicts an Echological intersection between bots and voice command >>

* This Watson-powered robot concierge is rethinking the hotel industry >>
* Taiwan Semiconductor plans improving FinFETs chips from 16nm to 7nm by 2018 >>
* Why The Internet Of Things Might Never Speak A Common Language >>

* “Curvature of the Universe” –New Cosmology Reveals “the Future of Particle Physics” >>
* Low energy prices and China’s drive to smaller and more efficient coal industry is killing solar power >>
* Automatic emergency braking will be standard in most US cars by 2022 >>

* You’ll interact with smartphones and smartwatches on any surface, using sonar signals >>
* Glue could be future for cheaper and stronger Skyscrapers >>
* NASA Technologist lays out strategy to advanced space propulsion over next 25 years >>

* Hollywood Is Not OK With You Watching New Movies at Home >>
* TED releases Meta 2 augmented-reality presentation video >>
* CeBIT 2016: Terabee’s Range Sensor Helps Make Drones Fast, Cheap, and Under Control >>

* How real businesses are using machine learning >>
* NASA is in the process of getting another peer reviewed EMDrive paper published >>
* Centrifuge with Dramatically Improved Filtration Efficiency >>

* World’s Tiniest Rube Goldberg Machine Made of Watch Parts Is a Masterpiece >>
* Footage Of Fast Attack Submarine Breaking Through Thick Arctic Ice Is ‘Chilling’ >>

* 3d Printed Drone Can Wait Underwater And Launch From The Sea >>
* Scientists Say Smart People Are Better Off With Fewer Friends >>
* Is Your Vpn / Proxy Working? Check Your Torrent Ip-address >>

* Skoove Teaches You to Play the Piano from the Comfort of Your Computer >>
* Robin Farmanfarmaian — The Patient as CEO: Gene Sequencing, Virtual Reality and Drones >>

* How the Computer Beat the Go Master >>
* Lions Are Making a Surprising Comeback–but Only When They Are Kept behind Fences >>
* Panasonic’s New Toasters Will Seriously Change Your Life >>

* Twitter is turning 10. Will it see 20? >>
* First heart op using 3D-printed model performed in China >>
* This Google Spinoff Company Has a Plan to Kill Traffic Jams >>

* GDC 2016’s biggest reveals: Tiny gaming PCs, VR launch games, and the most powerful graphics card ever >>
* This system instantly edits videos to make it look like you’re saying something you’re not >>
* Apple Pay has a Siri problem >>

* 2016 Honda Civic: autonomous features for $20K >>
* Machine Unlearning; A possible crack in the brain-computer analogy. >>
* A Wearable Heart Sensor Could Be One Of Denmark’s Most Promising Startups >>

* Google Puts Boston Dynamics Up for Sale in Robotics Retreat >>
* 40 virtual reality predictions >>
* Driverless Bus System Showcases Future of Public Transit >>

* Russia Test-Fires Hypersonic Zircon Missiles >>
* Video Friday: Autonomous Pizza Delivery, Handwriting Robot, and ROS Master >>
* The best wireless home theater headphones >>

* Video: Three views of tech innovation in Africa >>
* When It Comes To Security, It’s Time For A Machine Learning Sanity Check >>
* AMBER Lab robot jogs just like a human >>

* New Concrete Materials Are More Green Than Grey >>
* This On-Off Switch for Sperm Could Lead to Better Male Birth Control >>
* Neural Mechanisms In Mouse Brains Indicate We Actively Forget As We Learn >>

* Google Self-Driving Car Will Be Ready Soon for Some, in Decades for Others >>
* Experiments show magnetic chips could dramatically increase computing’s energy efficiency >>
* Major steps toward a bioengineered heart for transplantation >>

* Why AlphaGo Is Not AI >>
* What’s Frying the Electrical Systems on BART Trains? >>
* Physics Students Calculate How Long a Vampire Needs To Drink Your Blood >>

* What Seven Years Of ‘brain Games’ Taught Us About Our Brains >>
* Did Uber Just Order 100,000 Mercedes? >>
* Flying Drone Can Hide Underwater For Months Like a Nuclear Submarine >>

* Our Best Shot at Nuclear Fusion Needs Magnets That Weigh as Much as a Boeing 747 >>
* Flying Drone Billboards Are the Future We Deserve >>
* Google Puts Boston Dynamics Up for Sale in Robotics Retreat >>

* School Isn’t Just Simulation: Students Building NASA Asteroid Instrument >>
* SpaceX Says Reusable Stage Could Cut Prices 30 Percent, November Falcon Heavy Debut >>
* Weekly Space Hangout – Mar. 18, 2016: Song Of The Stars >>

* Is That Fried Chicken Gluten-Free? This Gadget Can Tell You >>

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  1. Susy
    March 21, 2016 at 12:01 pm

    Very interesting this blog and mostly the article that talks of the changes in moviegoers today.
    Thank you.

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