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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 18 March 2016

* This device shoots video beams directly into your retinas >>
* New ‘machine unlearning’ technique deletes unwanted data >>
* Drones Are Great At Counting Birds, Study Finds >>

* Google Will Sell Boston Dynamics, Makers Of Robotic Creatures >>
* The Future of Medicine 2016 >>
* Automatic emergency braking will be standard in most US cars by 2022 >>

* Volvo Is Adding ‘Large Animal Detection’ to Cars Because It’s Easy to Miss a Moose? >>
* Bentley imagines an autonomous car complete with holographic butler >>
* Goodyear’s spherical, levitating tire proves nothing about autonomous cars will be normal >>

* This Clump of Dust Might Actually Be a Planet in the Process of Forming >>
* 100% Successful Clinical Trial Means We May Soon Get A Dengue Vaccine >>
* Are we together or are we alone? >>

* Safe smartphones to be given to Australian domestic violence victims >>
* Tim Cook Tells ‘time’ A Smartphone Could Be Used To Bring Down The Power Grid >>

* New Zealand could become first country to use Domino’s pizza delivery robot >>
* Sky is becoming a virtual reality broadcaster >>

* Memories Retrieved in Mutant “Alzheimer’s” Mice >>
* Networked streetlamps are lighting the way to smarter cities >>
* Oculus shows off first-look of Minecraft for Gear VR and it’s mehhh >>

* New fuel cell to turn urine into electricity >>
* ‘Man-made’ sun produces longest pulse at 50 mn degrees >>
* Mapped: The world’s booziest countries >>

* Pregnant T. rex Found, May Contain DNA >>
* Google is betting this technology will let its driverless cars ‘see’ what human drivers don’t >>

* Inside the video game roots of Slack, everyone’s favorite workplace messaging app >>
* This device turns bottles into plastic string, and will change the way we recycle >>

* TIM COOK: Actually, there’s plenty of data the FBI can use to spy on people >>
* Google is trying to sell Boston Dynamics, the crazy robotics company it bought in 2013 >>
* Here’s why the traditional TV network might become totally obsolete — and what could replace it >>

* A lot of people who make over $350,000 are about to get replaced by software >>
* Drugs That Ramp Up the Immune System against Tumor Cells are Revolutionizing Cancer Treatment >>

* Hands-in with the gloves that virtual reality needs >>
* Nike just unveiled the first real power-lacing sneaker, the HyperAdapt 1.0 >>
* The challenges of creating games for virtual reality >>

* Dengue Vaccine Aces Trailblazing Trial >>
* Intel not building its own VR headset >>
* `Mid-life people should walk, cycle, or use public transport to stay fit >>

* 3D technology to help create human nerve cells for transplant in brain >>
* Alzheimer’s ‘lost’ memories may be recoverable: study >>
* In the future, all of our selfies will be perfect >>

* Student Biodesigns And The Future Of Water Pollution >>
* It Takes These Brazen Thieves Just Seconds to Install an Invisible Card Skimmer >>
* Congress Doesn’t Really Seem to Get Why the US Needs Self-Driving Cars >>

* Google: Defeating Go champion shows AI can ‘find solutions humans don’t see’ >>
* Silicon Valley’s Tech Employees Are Getting Nervous >>

* Algorithm Deduces Drunk Tweets From Geolocation, Behavioral Data >>
* Swinging a ‘Star Wars’ lightsaber in VR feels amazing >>

* CeBIT 2016: The Aerotain Skye Could Be Your Friendly Floating Camera Drone >>
* Virtual Reality And Space: From Nasa To Smartphones >>
* Electron microscope reveals bacteria motor parts in incredible unprecedented detail >>

* Largest Fire In Space Will Be An Intentional Test >>
* Robot-Built Landing Pad Could Pave the Way for Construction on Mars >>

* A powerful drug derived from marijuana could drastically change our perception of pot >>
* The world’s oldest message in a bottle spent 108 years at sea for a critical science experiment >>
* Direct Control of Nanowire Self-Assembly Leads to New Devices >>

* Michelle Obama tells SXSW crowd she won’t run for president >>
* MichelleObama; An exclusive look at how the First Lady mastered social media >>
* Your Brain’s Music Circuit Has Been Discovered >>

* 12 Navy Future SSBN(X) Nuclear Missile Submarines will cost about $96 billion to procure >>
* A roadmap for the next generation of additive manufacturing materials and processes >>
* Lockheed says their Laser Weapons are Ready for Use Today and laser modules can be used to scale power >>

* SKEYE Nano Drone with Camera >>
* Robot Basketball Is Just As Exciting As The NCAA Tournament >>

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