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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 17 March 2016

* Scientists Grow Full-sized, Beating Human Hearts From Stem Cells >>
* Forget alphago the really smart ais grapple with the real-world >>
* Lost Mouse Memories Retrieved Thanks To Lasers >>

* A Puzzle Lies at the Heart of the Atom >>
* Human stem cell with half a genome could help infertile couples >>
* Cancer Stopped in frogs by hacking cells bioelectricity >>

* Electrical control of bacteria-powered microrobots >>
* Scientists Are Taking Apart Beer To Make The Next Antibiotics >>
* Farming at nanoscale dimensions >>

* Optoma’s wireless VR headset frees you from PC cables >>
* Oculus Rift launch: Here are the 30 VR games you can play on day one >>
* The first Oculus Rift games bode well for the future of VR >>

* Virtual Reality Is Suffering From A Value Crisis >>
* VR may be with us for good, but there’s lots of uncharted territory for developers >>
* Why virtual reality needs women developers >>

* In Africa, Watson’s sister Lucy is growing up with the help of IBM’s Research team >>
* Microsoft will bring Minecraft to the Samsung Gear VR >>

* Pixar Alum, Mark Walsh, Is Taking On VR With ‘Gary the Gull’ >>
* A PlayStation VR demo made me cry from laughing >>

* How to turn carbon dioxide into sustainable concrete >>
* Ford Tests Data-Driven App To Tell You Where To Park >>
* Waze Now Tells You the Best Time to Drive, Days Ahead of Time >>

* tDCS Brain Hacking Tech Boosts Stroke Recovery >>
* Spiderfab, Expandable stations and Reusable rockets could make affordable Bezos vision of millions working in orbit >>
* iRobot’s Braava Jet Mopping Robot Is Small, Smart, and Not Round >>

* Meet the Guy Whose Software Keeps the World’s Clocks in Sync >>
* A neurofeedback technique for self-motivation >>

* Bell done: Nokia delivers super-speedy 100Gbps links fresh from the Labs >>
* IEEE delivers Ethernet-for-cars standard >>

* The engines and other components of the planned B21 stealth bomber >>
* Earth’s Protective Magnetic Field –“Critical to Emergence of Life 4 Billion Years Ago” >>
* Violent Red Flashes Observed Occuring from 1st Black Hole Detected in the Milky Way >>

* Google says 77% of its traffic is encrypted >>
* Watch the Epic Games GDC 2016 keynote right here! >>
* EeGeo picks up $5M to build better 3D visuals for interiors and VR experiences >>

* You’ll need an Oculus Touch to play ‘Rock Band’ in VR >>
* Researchers work on ways to keep planes ice-free >>
* TomTom’s Golfer 2 GPS watch tracks your swing >>
* CardioSecur wants to put an ECG on your smartphone >>

* Virtual home app to help people with dementia >>
* NASA picks solar power candidates for deep space missions >>
* ‘Star Wars: Battlefront’ is coming to PlayStation VR >>

* Dragonfly Makes Annual 4,400-mile ‘suicide Mission’ >>
* Snapping shrimps make less noise in acidifying oceans >>

* Milky Way has 58 billion red dwarf stars, study finds >>
* Drone to police massive UK marine reserve >>
* Traditional pay-TV loses even more ground to cord cutters >>

* The home of the future will be smarter than you >>
* Closing Apps to Save Your Battery Only Makes Things Worse >>
* Students generate electricity from waste tomatoes >>

* The golden age of streaming services is over >>
* Drone meets blimp to be more crowd-friendly >>
* Scientists injected people with the dengue virus to test a vaccine >>

* Stanford’s Flying, Perching SCAMP Robot Can Climb Straight Up Walls >>
* Nike’s Self-lacing Shoes Are Here: Meet The Hyperadapt >>
* This Necklace Can Tell What You’re Eating By How It Sounds Going Down >>

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