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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 16 March 2016

* Sensor-Equipped Pigeons Are Tweeting About London’s Air Pollution >>
* ‘Cyborg heart patch’ combines electronics and living tissue >>
* Google’s AI Wins Fifth And Final Game Against Go Genius Lee Sedol >>

* Fitbit for Addicts Could Predict Relapse >>
* Crowdfunding project aims to give children in developing world an AI-enhanced tablet >>
* Astronomers discover the biggest object in the Universe so far – the BOSS Great Wall >>

* Robot Revolution: These Are the Breakthroughs You Should Watch >>
* High-power biological wheels and motors imaged for first time >>

* Zeptojoule Nanomagnetic Switch Measures Fundamental Limit of Computing >>
* This Portable Shower Reuses the Same Water for Two Whole Weeks >>

* Meet The First Civilian To Successfully Launch A Rocket Into Space >>
* These Are the First-Ever High-Res Images of Naturally Occuring Biological Motors >>
* Check out the new AI-powered TechCrunch news bot >>

* AMD Announces 16 TFLOP Radeon Pro Duo >>
* Facebook Preps Its Infrastructure For a Virtual Reality Future >>
* The iRobot Braava uses Roomba logic to wet-mop kitchens and bathrooms >>

* Microsoft shows how HoloLens Actiongrams can have you watching TV with a zombie pal >>
* Sennheiser’s 3D audio for VR feels totally natural >>

* LG Releases First Smartphone With DAB+ Chip >>
* Our Noise Bothers Overlooked Seafloor Critters >>
* Cancer treatment using nanotechnology tested with ‘astounding’ results >>

* Peptides Tag Brain Damage From Stroke In Real Time >>
* Can A Computer Model Save The Amazon From Civilization? >>
* ‘Smart Cell Patch’ Delivers Insulin Without Pain >>

* New model to decode invisible dark matter >>
* Space travel rules needed within 5 years: UN >>
* Tiny sensors carried by pigeons can test air quality on the wing >>

* We humans can learn from DeepMind’s Go wins (and loss) >>
* Amazon files patent to pay by selfie >>
* J.J. Abrams: ‘Unwieldy’ VR will evolve as storytelling tool >>

* Xbox One to support cross-network play >>
* New blood test may detect multiple diseases >>
* After cough syrups, 500 more drugs, including antibiotics and anti-diabetic drugs, may face ban >>

* A Brand New Star Wars VR Experience Put Me on Tatooine and It Was Incredible >>
* Google Will Ask Congress to Create Special Rules for Self-Driving Cars >>
* Sony announces PlayStation VR price and release date >>

* Cooperative Route Planning Could Make Driving Slightly Less Terrible For Everyone >>
* CeBIT 2016: Wingtra Wants To Be Your Hybrid Drone >>
* New synthesized molecule could reduce brain damage in stroke victims >>

* GM Starts Catching Up in Self-Driving Car Tech with $1 Billion Acquisition of Cruise Automation >>
* You Can Now Watch ‘moon Shot’ In Google Play >>
* Hollywood’s Richest Directors Think $50 for a Movie Is Totally Reasonable >>

* Blueberries may help prevent Alzheimer’s, new research suggests >>
* Indiana Jones: Harrison Ford to appear in fifth film >>

* Gdc 2016 And Virtual Reality: What To Expect >>
* Using machine learning to rationally design future electronics materials >>
* How Far Back in Time Could You Travel and Still Understand English? >>

* Take a Peek Inside Google’s New Planned Campus >>
* Sony’s Streaming Cable TV Service Is Going National >>
* FDA Says Genetically Engineered Mosquito Is Environmentally Safe >>

* AlphaGo Wins Final Game In Match Against Champion Go Player >>
* Welcome To The Post-Work Economy >>
* “The Oxygen Planet” –New Research Reveals the Ancient Precursor of Photosynthesis >>

* 3D Printing Your Own Braces Works, Is a Terrible Idea >>
* Forget Lasers, You Should Be Slicing Stuff Up With This Waterjet Cutter >>
* Smartphone clip-on turns your iPhone into a high-powered microscope >>

* Virtual reality stampedes into Austin, but quality is patchy >>
* Scientists are getting closer to discovering if there’s actually a mysterious ‘Planet 9’ >>
* 4K Rides USB-C for Handsets >>

* New Zealand is debating a plan to give people free money, no strings attached >>
* Telco combines with health as Vodafone rolls out North Shore Hospital initiative >>
* Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Everything >>

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