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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 15 March 2016

* Watch 100 Grams of Robot Pull 4,000 Pounds of Car >>
* Microsoft will let Xbox, PC gamers play online with other platforms >>
* An Alternative Battery Burns Carbon Nanotubes to Make Electricity >>

* AirJamz is a wristband that turns air guitar into wear guitar >>
* Philips Hue releases new connected light bulbs for different shades of white light >>
* Minecraft Is Now a Playground for AI Experiments >>

* After AlphaGo, what’s next for AI? >>
* A Month After Google’s Car Hit a Bus, Google Got a Patent for Robot Cars to Detect Buses >>
* Virtual reality’s future is being charted this week in San Francisco >>

* A New Weapon for Battling Cellphones in Theaters: Laser Beams >>
* Skype for Web lets you make calls to mobile phones and landlines >>
* Say hello to the new age of payment tech >>

* Project AIX: Using Minecraft to build more intelligent technology >>
* Modeled After Ants, Teams of Tiny Robots Can Move 2-Ton Car >>
* Why Scientists Want to Study Robot Roaches >>

* Blast Off! ExoMars Mission Launches Aboard Proton Rocket >>
* Chemoelectronics: Nanoparticle Diodes and Devices That Work When Wet >>
* A Blog Is Born: The Human OS >>

* People in Virtual Reality Are About to Look a Lot More Realistic >>
* Scientists can identify terrorists by their victory signs >>
* How IoT Changes Pricing Models >>

* Spongy Implants Can Replace Cancerous Vertebrae >>
* Oldest ever human genome sequence may rewrite human history >>
* Mathematicians shocked to find pattern in “random” prime numbers >>

* Report: Google, WhatsApp, and Facebook to Strengthen Encryption Services >>
* Hyperloop CEO shows off augmented reality window concept >>
* Spray-on ‘repellent’ Could Make Freezers Frost Free >>

* Siri’s inventor looks forward to Viv, ‘a giant brain in the sky’ >>
* Do Dogs Have Mirror Neurons? >>
* New Philips Hue White Lights Help You Sleep Easy >>

* Hasbro Patented a 3D Scanner For Kids That Uses a Smartphone to Digitize Toys >>
* These Liquid Metal Spheres Can Solder Without Heat >>
* How Google’s Leaner AI Could Move Speech Recognition Offline >>

* Forget the robots — here come the geminoids! >>
* Human DNA to help create faster, cheaper chips soon >>
* Lightsaber duels may be finally coming to VR >>

* Microsoft will let Xbox, PC gamers play online with other platforms >>
* Latest from SXSW: Why the Tricorder XPrize Is Behind Schedule >>
* Latest From SXSW: Big Pharma’s Big Bet on Electroceuticals >>

* Your Dreams Are Never Tu-bik! >>
* My PC Upgraded To Windows 10 Without Asking, Then Immediately Broke >>
* NASA’s mighty SLS to burn 1.215 Olympic-sized pools >>

* $12,000 Labyrinth Maze Watch Doesn’t Even Tell the Time >>
* Universal Studios Is Making The Walking Dead a Permanent Part of Its Theme Park >>

* This Is the Handwriting Robot I’ve Always Needed >>
* Everything You Know About Artificial Intelligence is Wrong >>
* The Chess Engine that Died So AlphaGo Could Live >>

* Why Are We Fighting the Crypto Wars Again? >>

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