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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 14 March 2016

* Voxiebox makes virtual reality without goggles >>
* Software brings your PC’s entire interface to VR >>
* Alpha go creator targets vastly better smart phone within 5 years and improved robotics and healthcare >>

* Virtual reality app lets you meet others in imaginary places >>
* Steam will help you play any game in VR >>
* Uploadvr.com >>

* USA TODAY Network to launch VR news series this spring >>
* Anti-cavity pills may soon become a reality >>
* Alphabet-Owned Nest Begins Tracking Your Phone’s Location To Figure Out If You’re Home >>

* Sony’s prototype projector turns any tabletop into a touch-sensitive display >>
* Sony’s futuristic Project N headphones don’t touch your ears >>

* Gene test can tell people with breast cancer if they need chemo >>
* When Gene Tests for Breast Cancer Reveal Grim Data but No Guidance >>
* New immune mechanism to protect from cancer identified >>

* These smart clothes can blow hot and cold >>
* Gillmor Gang: Getting Better >>
* Robot home can anticipate and cater to your needs >>

* Shape-shifting matter could let houses crumple themselves away >>
* Bacteria Devour Polluting Plastic in Landfills >>
* Anthropocene Science –Links Extreme Weather to Human-Induced Climate Change >>

* Test For Cancer, Hiv Is 10,000 Times More Sensitive >>
* Is Artificial Intelligence Being Oversold? >>
* Strong Relationships Need Lust as Well as Love >>

* Bionic Fingertip Discriminates Textures >>
* FuelCell Energy Continues To Position Itself For Future Growth >>
* Watch humanity fall in love with a robot trash can >>

* French aviator plans to fly from New York to Paris in a biofuel >>
* Scobleizer; I’m leaving Rackspace to join Upload VR >>
* The Coolest Features of Android N Google Didn’t Announce >>

* Could three gun laws cut US firearm deaths by 90 per cent? >>
* ExoMars 2016 Spacecraft and Proton Rocket Rolled Out To Launch Pad >>
* A dream researcher explains where nightmares come from >>

* China creating its own DARPA in a move that follows Japan and South Korea creating DARPA like agencies >>
* This electrified Corvette is now the fastest road-legal EV in the world >>
* Scientists developed a robot arm that can catch anything you throw at it >>

* Reconfigurable Nanopatterning Techinque Promises New Generation of Metamaterials >>
* Google’s Alphago Beats World Champion In Third Match To Win Entire Series >>
* What Google’s Self-Driving Car Team Learned From Hitting That Bus >>

* Netflix Can’t Stream House Of Cards Globally, Blames Licensing Deals >>
* Robot home can anticipate and cater to your needs >>
* Your phone’s fingerprint scanner can be hacked with a printer >>

* Google is using neural networks to improve Translate >>
* Research Establishes 13-Hour Gap Between Viral Misinformation and Correction >>
* Software Bug in F-35 Radar Causes Mid-Flight System Reboot >>

* Mating Could Be A Weakness For Zika Mosquitoes >>
* World’s thinnest lens created by Aus scientists >>
* New Nasa technology to better measure Earth’s orientation >>

* Miniature Fuel Cell To Keep Drones Aloft For Over An Hour >>
* New fuel cell tech could power phones for a week >>
* NASA’s next Mars mission scheduled for May 2018 >>

* Even robots can’t survive Fukushima’s ground zero >>
* How to Get College Credit Without Going to College Classes >>
* USS Gerald Ford aircraft carrier scheduled for commissioning this summer >>

* Why Physicists Want Their Best Theory To Fail >>
* Take a 360-degree video tour of CERN’s Large Hadron Collider >>
* After 20 Years, It’s Harder to Ignore the Digital Economy’s Dark Side >>

* Solarcity gigafactory for solar cells could make solar plus batteries cheaper than fossil fuels >>
* This app uses a neural network to describe the world around you >>
* DeepMind founder Demis Hassabis on how AI will shape the future >>

* Comet Created Chaos In Mars’ Magnetic Field >>
* NASA’s Exoplanet Hunt Accelerates: “Kepler 2.0 Joins Syncs Up With Earth-Based Observatories” >>
* Agriculture on Other Worlds >>

* Dscovr Captures Epic Views Of The March 2016 Eclipse >>
* Optimus Ride Wants Autonomous Ride-Sharing Without Human Drivers in the Way >>
* Video Friday: Walking the XDog, Muscle-Powered BioBots, and Rollin’ Justin Will Clean Your Kitchen >>

* Dramatic remissions in blood cancer in immunotherapy treatment trial >>
* Researchers Seek Source of Frequency Fluctuations in Nanoresonators >>
* This Incredibly Deep Space View Could Solve One of the Mysteries of Our Universe >>

* Why Europe’s New Mission to Mars Is Such a Big Deal >>
* Infrastructure Engineers Prepare for Tsunami of Data from Virtual Reality, IoT >>
* The New VR Coaster at Six Flags Is the Future of Vomiting >>

* China’s Answer To The Hubble Telescope >>
* Nest: It’s no longer all about you. Now it can recognize your kids, too >>
* NASA’s Deep Space Rockets Pass Critical Test for Mars Mission >>

* NASA probe should lead to quieter supersonic aircraft >>
* Google is still learning from that self-driving car crash >>
* GM Buys Driverless Software Startup Cruise Automation >>

* Researchers find the tipping point between resilience and collapse in complex systems >>
* Go champion Lee Se-dol strikes back to beat Google’s DeepMind AI for first time >>
* What Science Learned from My Orgasm >>

* Our tech future: the rich own the robots while the poor have ‘job mortgages’ >>
* The Science of ExoMars: New Mission to Hunt for Mars Life >>
* AI Advancement In Answering Questions About Text, Images >>

* Start.me Offers Customizable Start Pages You Can Use In Any Browser, on Any Computer >>
* Boeing Echo Voyager Unmanned Submarine is similar in length to WW2 German U-boats >>
* Will medical 3D printing advance nanotechnology? >>

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