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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 11 March 2016

* ARPA-E Funding Personal Climate Control Systems with Robots, Foot Coolers, and More >>
* Will The Hyperloop Arise—In Slovakia? >>
* Amputee feels texture with a ‘bionic’ fingertip >>

* Newborn neurons observed in a live brain for first time >>
* Google Docs gets speedy Android navigation and an outline tool >>
* Researchers grow crops in simulated Martian and Lunar soil >>

* New mini fuel cell powers drones for over an hour >>
* Dutch drone world record 3,4KM high by DJI Phantom 2 >>

* AlphaGo wins Match 2 to go up 2-0 in the best of 5 >>
* Bill Gates explains why China will build the first fourth generation nuclear plant >>

* Messaging app Line now lets you host group calls with up to 200 friends >>
* Facebook 360 content finds a new virtual home on Oculus Video >>
* Google+ Create program will highlight experts in their field >>

* Music with your eyes, 3D print everything and more >>
* Americans think most human jobs could be automated by 2065, finds Pew >>
* Biometric Tech Uses Sound To Distinguish Ear Cavity Shape >>

* Facebook Messenger app for Windows 10 could be coming soon >>
* With SQL Server 2016, Microsoft focuses on speed, security and luring customers away from Oracle >>
* USA Today announces VR news show ‘VRtually There’ >>

* Oculus Will Soon Let You Find Your Friends In Virtual Reality >>
* ‘Living Lens’ Made From Stem Cells Could Treat Blindness >>

* A Drone Flying Two Miles High Is Equal Parts Illegal and Beautiful >>
* Watch These CH-47 Chinooks Get Thrashed During Testing >>

* Oculus Social lets Gear VR pals play together online >>
* The Human-Robot Trust Paradox >>
* New NYC buses are getting Wi-Fi and USB charging ports >>

* First U.S. Uterus Transplant Fails Due to Complications >>
* The Pirate Bay Offline For 24 Hours Due To Technical Problems >>
* For Early Humans, Life Was No Picnic 1.8 Million Years Ago >>

* How Kinect cameras could prevent the next self-driving car crash >>
* Game Theory for Parents >>
* Puzzle game launched to help program quantum computers >>

* 3 travel tools to never leave home without >>
* 4D ultrasound study shows harmful effects of smoking on unborn babies >>

* Google hooked 14 robot arms together so they can help each other learn >>
* Goodyear’s Awesome New Spherical Tire Design For Autonomous Cars >>

* NASA: “Comet Close Encounter Blew Away Part of Mars’ Upper Atmosphere” >>
* The Milky Way Galaxy “Is Embedded in a Massive Dark-Matter Halo Spinning Off Dark Satellites” >>
* It’s Going To Be A Blast! First Rs-25 Flight Engine Test Set For March >>

* Americans Think The Robot Revolution Is Coming But Not For Their Jobs >>
* Apple’s Next Event Is March 21 >>
* Xerox Photocopiers Can Now Translate Whatever You’re Copying >>

* We Could Be Living On The Moon In 10 Years Or Less >>
* The Next Country to Sign Up for Hyperloop Is… Slovakia? >>
* Play This Puzzle Game to Help Program a Quantum Computer >>

* Google’s AI Just Won Its Second Match Against Go World Champion Lee Sedol >>
* The Northern Lights Screw Up Arctic Drilling Operations >>
* Airbus’ Mars plane precursor survives pressure test >>

* DeepMind founder Demis Hassabis on how AI will shape the future >>
* Discovery of plastic-eating bacteria could lead to new ways to recycle >>
* Let’s Talk About The Artificial Intelligence Revolution >>

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