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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 10 March 2016

* AlphaGo playing the top Go player in five matches and has won the first match >>
* The Artificially Intelligent Doctor Will Hear You Now >>
* Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin plans to start taking tourists into space in 2018 >>

* Google surprises with early preview of Android N >>
* All the New Features Coming in Android N >>
* Android N developer preview first look >>

* CRISPR enhancements: improving the ability to delete genes >>
* Hilton and IBM built a Watson-powered concierge robot >>
* China Plans Space Telescope That Will Dock With Their Space Station >>

* Deep Learning for Robots: Robotic arms training in parallel to cut overall training >>
* Russia talks about working lab prototype megawatt class nuclear propulsion by 2017 >>

* Deep Mind Health a mobile app that helps doctors detect cases of acute kidney injury >>
* China’s five year plan is attempting to shift from heavy industry to innovation driven >>
* New Measurement Technique Tests Nanomaterials During Production >>

* NASA sets the date for Martian robot drilling rig to lift off >>
* Stem Cells Can Regenerate The Lens In Your Eye >>
* Physicists Create ‘Pseudo-Particles’ for Error-Free Quantum Computing >>

* Here’s the New Drilling-Lander That NASA Is Sending Up to Mars >>
* This Company Wants To Be ‘the Netflix Of Virtual Reality’ >>
* Video Shows Public Bus Getting Hit By Google’s Self-driving Car >>

* NASA preps its donut-shaped decelerator for manned missions >>
* New MIT Code Makes Web Pages Load 34 Percent Faster in Any Browser >>
* HPE’s CloudLine gains some weight – blows up from 72TB to 640TB >>

* Smart City Projects Rumbling to Life Around the World >>
* NASA’s asteroid explorer faces tests that simulate space >>
* MyStop, beacon-based transport alerts from your Chrome app >>

* ViviSat has a plan to breathe new life into aging satellites >>
* New ways to plan your vacation while on the go >>
* How Colorado’s Smart Snowplows Are Transforming Winter Driving >>

* The future of work is 5 billion customers looking for a good job >>
* A Future Without Jobs? Two Views of the Changing Work Force >>
* Facebook shows off progress in using lasers to deliver Internet >>

* Google using machine learning to teach robots how to grasp random objects >>
* Why We Need Encryption >>
* Concussions Affect Women More Adversely Than Men >>

* Bacteria Can Convey Electrical Messages the Same Way Neurons Do >>
* ‘I’m in shock!’ How an AI beat the world’s best human at Go >>
* Computer Learns To Identify Leaves Faster Than A Botanist >>

* Amazon leases 20 planes, starts air freight service >>
* Artificial pancreas is one of new tech devices aimed at diabetes >>
* Your Next Phone Could Have 256GB of Storage >>

* Bill Gates takes new stab at Apple/FBI and reveals what keeps him up at night >>
* Bill Gates never attended classes he signed up for at Harvard — but got A’s anyway >>
* 3 things Bill Gates thinks could revolutionize life in the next 20 years >>

* Stunning operation regenerates eye’s lens >>
* Intel reportedly spent $175 million on a startup that makes Matrix-like 3D videos >>
* Jeff Bezos Lifts Veil on His Rocket Company, Blue Origin >>

* AlphaGo versus Deep Blue? AlphaGo is learning system & hybrid system >>
* AlphaGo Wins Game One Against World Go Champion >>
* AlphaGo machine-learning program defeats top Go player in first match >>

* Surgery without stitches in sight thanks to ‘origami tools’ >>
* Tall people more likely to be successful in life, study finds >>
* The Making Of Playstation Vr >>

* Into the ‘Transit Zone’ >>
* Will the End of Moore’s Law Halt Computing’s Exponential Rise? >>
* Ancient Habitable Planets More Likely Near Milky Way Center >>

* What the IBM “Rebalancing” Looks Like >>
* Blue Origin shows off production plant and BE4 rocket engine >>
* Google’s Chrome Music Lab Is Super Addictive >>

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