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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 8 March 2016

* The First Virtual Brushing Simulator Will Help Revolutionize Toothbrush Design >>
* BMW’s Vision Next 100 Is A Wild Shapeshifter From The 22nd Century >>
* This Flexible Film Uses Liquid Metal to Absorb Radar and Cloak What It Covers >>

* Gene behind evolution of intelligent life identified >>
* Toyota’s wearable for the blind sees the world through cameras >>
* China wants to build a 110 mile tunnel and high speed rail to Taiwan by 2030 >>

* MIT’s Eyebrowse To Rank and Review Internet Sites, While Retaining Privacy >>
* Google seeks carrier for Loon pilot program in India >>
* SRI’s Micro Robots Can Now Manufacture Their Own Tools >>

* Brain region responsible for violence identified >>
* Homemade Canadamobile Is A Smart Car On Skis >>
* The Blackest Material In The World Is Blowing Our Minds >>

* Urine from premature babies could repair damaged kidneys >>
* Mercury once had a graphite crust floating on a sea of magma >>
* Google AI about to take on world champion of world’s most complex board game >>

* China plans to layoff, relocate and retrain 1.3 million coal workers this year >>
* Sky takes a first step into eSports tournament coverage >>
* UK to test self-driving trucks later this year >>

* Scientists Will Finally Drill Into the Dinosaur-Killing Impact Crater in Mexico >>
* Goodyear Unveiled Concept For 3d-printed Spherical Tires >>
* Microbes That Cause UTIs Use Hooks to Hold On While We Pee >>

* Everything We Think We Know About Apple’s New 4-Inch iPhone >>
* There’s No Guarantee That Genetic Tests Are Accurate >>
* Eight in ten IBM Global Tech Services roles will be offshore by 2017 >>

* The broken world of mobile payments and how to fix it >>
* Scientists have discovered a 99-million-year-old lizard preserved in amber — could offer clues to ‘lost ecosystem’ >>

* Augmented And Virtual Reality Investment Hits $1.1 Billion In 2016 >>
* Sweeping Changes At Microsoft Studios Kill Lionhead Studios and Fable >>

* Facebook gives Messenger a Material Design makeover on Android >>
* Sony’s HX80 point-and-shoot fits a 30x zoom in a small body >>
* The spaceship rises >>

* An expert look at the cutting edge of corporate technology >>
* Galaxy S7 Has A Serious Performance Problem >>
* Run 500 hard-to-find Apple II programs in your web browser >>

* 3D-printed (nearly) nude selfies are a thing >>
* Check In With the Velociraptor at the World’s First Robot Hotel >>
* New model shows how infections cross from mom to baby >>

* White bread, corn flakes intake may up lung cancer risk >>
* Indian doctors: Britain’s cancer find game-changer >>

* ‘Big data’ says we shouldn’t be worried about a recession just yet >>
* Amazon has TVs that show warehouse theft punishments to scare workers from stealing >>

* This $7 spray that can replace your iron is a lifesaver for the business traveler >>
* Scientists say lifting weights this many times a week may be beneficial for your brain health >>

* Cloudgate: Rumors Spread of Nitrogen Clouds on Pluto – See more at: >>
* Exomars 2016 Spacecraft Encapsulated For Red Planet Launch In One Week >>
* Human-skin discovery suggests new anti-aging treatments >>

* Graphene Polymer batteries will triple energy density of lithium ion by end 2016 >>
* Converting atmospheric carbon dioxide into carbon nanotubes for use in batteries >>
* Google releases satellite images showing rebuilding efforts since Japan earthquake and tsunami >>

* India commissions their first nuclear armed submarine the 6000 ton INS Arihant >>
* Underwater Rugby Somehow Makes Rugby More Dangerous >>
* Interactive body map: What really gives you cancer? >>

* 3D Robotics partners with Sony on a drone that can map the world in 3D >>
* Think You Can Drive Fast Enough to Escape an Erupting Volcano? >>

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