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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 4 March 2016

* Monkeys Drive Wheelchairs Using Thought Alone >>
* Scanning Probe Thermometry: A New Tool That Can Take the Temperature of Nanoelectronics >>
* ‘Moon Shot’: Google Teams With J.J. Abrams And Xprize For Space Documentary Series >>

* Virtual Reality Characters Are Now Watching You >>
* Samsung shipping 15TB whopper SSD >>
* Scott Kelly Gained Two Inches During His Year in Space >>

* A new experiment could let us ‘see’ quantum entanglement for the first time >>
* Ford has an executive whose entire job is to predict the future >>
* AT&T is launching a streaming TV service that doesn’t require a cable or satellite subscription >>

* SpaceX’s new rocket fuel is causing problems >>
* Startup can direct sound to your ears only >>
* China’s Quantum Satellite Could Change Cryptography Forever >>

* 20 Billion Pixels in the Largest Photo of New York Ever Taken >>
* There’s Now 3D-Printed Graphene Aerogel >>

* Tech Five: Google testing voice-enabled payments system >>
* Device lets doctors see inside arteries to treat blockage >>
* Google’s new Hands Free payment app lets you buy stuff with your face >>

* Epigenetic clock controls aging >>
* The Tiny Key to Aging >>
* Archinaut, a 3D Printing Robot to Make Big Structures in Space >>

* Five things you need to know about AI: Cognitive and neural and deep! >>
* What Is Quantum Cryptography? >>

* A New Kind of ‘Fast Radio Burst’ >>
* Discovered! Key to Advanced Life on Earth –“Life Would Be Completely Different Today” >>
* Not So Fast: Discovery of Radio Burst Source May Be Flawed >>

* Dr Stephen Thaler on his Artificial Intelligence systems which could be nearing new creative capabilities >>
* Reports Coming in of Big IBM Layoffs Underway in the U.S. >>

* EUV Lithography’s Prospects Are Brightening >>
* Here Is What We’ll be Eating in 2050—and What We Won’t >>
* Accidental Pregnancies in the US Have Plummeted Thanks to IUDs >>

* Simple Tool Turns Plastic Bottles Into Nearly Indestructible Plastic Rope >>
* A Seamlessly Edited Club Scene Featuring Almost Every Movie Character You Can Think Of >>
* 80004005: Why Error Messages Are Still So *&%$#! Indecipherable >>

* When You’ll Probably Get Married, Visualized >>
* Intel is building its own augmented reality headset Using RealSense 3D camera tech >>

* Billboards can track your location, and privacy advocates hate it >>
* Reports of the death of apps have been greatly exaggerated >>
* Augmented reality is conquering new frontiers with Star Wars >>

* Microbes Can Handle Global Warming, Right? >>
* Report: Intel is developing a RealSense-based version of Microsoft’s HoloLens >>
* IBM Scientists Invent a Thermometer for the Nanoscale >>

* Scientists May Have Found Molecular Gatekeeper Of Long-Term Memory >>
* Providing support to combat Zika in Brazil and beyond >>
* Daredevil Drone Flies through the Trees Like an Ace >>

* So much for sightseeing: This self-driving car doesn’t even have windows >>
* 1,000-pixel headlights could offer improved vision at night >>
* A Visual Guide to Genetic Modification >>

* Robotic Roaches Can Squeeze into Small Spaces >>
* Repeating Radio Bursts From Space Have Astronomers Puzzled >>
* The Man Who Understood Lightning >>

* Space “Treasure Map” Guides E.T. Search >>
* Gorilla’s Y Chromosome Closer To A Guy Than A Chimp >>
* Get ready for a world of hackable cars >>

* Indian scientists were aware of Zika virus in 1950s: Indian Council of Medical Research head >>
* What world’s five most addictive substances do to your brain >>

* British woman becomes one of the first cancer patients to be injected with new tumour-destroying vaccine >>
* First gene behind grey hair discovered >>
* Oracle Team USA capsize 45-foot catamaran whilst training >>

* Google wants restaurants to recognize your face so you can buy anything without carrying a wallet >>
* These yoga pants will tell you when you’ve nailed the perfect pose >>
* The deepest part of the ocean is really noisy >>

* Inside the Cunning, Unprecedented Hack of Ukraine’s Power Grid >>
* Pluto’s Mountains Are Covered In Methane Snow >>
* Futuristic Concrete Heals Its Own Cracks >>

* Check In With the Velociraptor at the World’s First Robot Hotel >>

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