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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 3 March 2016

* Augmented reality starts to challenge its virtual cousin >>
* Phantom 4 can track humans and animals, fly home to base >>
* No More Voicemail is an app that kills voicemail so callers have to text you instead >>

* This business card is a functional heart rate monitor >>
* Alphabet’s Eric Schmidt to head Pentagon advisory board >>

* The Pentagon Wants You to Hack It >>
* Radar Scans Beamed to Earth via Laser Can See Ships in Almost Real-Time >>
* ‘Fingerprinting’ and neural nets could help protect power grid, other industrial systems >>

* In Apple vs. the FBI, There Is No Technical Middle Ground >>
* The Recurring Question: Where Do Fast Radio Bursts Come From? >>
* Repeating cosmic radio blast adds mystery to their origins >>

* Doctors do poop tests to screen diabetes marker >>
* Genes Responsible for Gray Hair, Unibrows and Bushy Beards Uncovered >>
* You can now control your robot vacuum from a smartwatch >>

* Augmented Reality starts to shine >>
* I am Iron Man: That’s how these augmented reality goggles feel >>

* Google kicks off a public pilot for Hands Free mobile payments >>
* Microsoft will soon offer a HoloLens emulator for developers >>
* How the FBI’s Fight with Apple Could Change the Future of Smartphone Security >>

* We found 7 critical HoloLens details that Microsoft hid inside its developer docs >>
* Meta’s new AR headset lets you treat virtual objects like real ones >>
* Google Photos gets some much-needed editing tools >>

* HTC claims 15,000 pre-orders in 10 minutes for its Vive VR headset >>
* If Xbox One Becomes Immortal, Where Does That Leave PS4? >>
* Next-gen DisplayPort 1.4 standard will support 8K displays and USB-C >>

* How Powerful Is The Human Brain Compared To A Computer? >>
* Your Mcdonald’s Happy Meal Box Is Now A Virtual Reality Headset >>
* Meet Phantom 4, Dji’s Newest Droneit Can Dodge Obstacles, But Still Flies For Less Than Half An Hour >>

* Former Fermilab Physicist Aims To Build A ‘star Trek’-style Antimatter Engine >>
* Horrifying Skyslide Will Be 1,000 Feet in the Air on the Outside of a Building >>
* See What Weird YouTube Videos Your Neighbors Are Posting >>

* Monarch Butterfly Population Revives After Years Of Low Numbers >>
* Next Spacex Launch Tentatively Rescheduled For Friday >>

* It Takes 3 Months Just to 3D Print All the Parts For This Detailed Millennium Falcon Model >>
* Astronomers Finally Know What’s Behind this Mysterious Glowing Red Cloud >>

* Sheet-type Silicone Rubber Heater >>
* Should you trust a robot in emergencies? >>

* Better memory through electricity >>
* Study Finds No Gender Gap in Tech Salaries >>

* China Readies Next Human Space Mission for Launch This Year >>
* X Prize Planning for Next Space Competition >>
* Here’s how we could build a colony on an alien world >>

* Back on Earth: Astronaut Scott Kelly Faces Gravity After 1-Year Mission >>
* Nuclear Plants Running For 80 Years or more provides big economic and environmental benefits >>

* Inside the Artificial Intelligence Revolution: A Special Report, Pt. 1 >>
* How Bugatti Crafted the Chiron, the World’s Last Truly Great Car >>

* China set to surpass its climate targets as renewables soar >>
* Daqri acquires 1066 Labs to power its augmented reality smart helmet >>
* How Scott Kelly’s year in space may have changed his body >>

* Police drone can be hacked with $40 kit, says researcher >>
* B21 long range strike stealth bomber will improve B2 stealth and avoid detection by UHF and VHF band systems >>
* No, Scientists Have Not Created a Matrix-Like Interface That Instantly Uploads Data to Your Brain >>

* Get Ready to See More Live Video on Facebook >>
* The Entire VR Industry in One Little Email >>
* Goodyear’s Spherical Tire Concept Is Bonkers >>

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