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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 2 March 2016

* Google Self-Driving Car May Have Caused an Accident >>
* $200,000 kickstarter for antimatter propulsion tests >>
* 1-Year Space Mission Ends Tonight: Watch the Landing Live >>

* Video Meta AR Walk-through, one of Silicon Valley’s hottest startups. >>
* NASA’s First X-plane is a Bold Step Towards the Resurrection of Supersonic Air Travel >>
* New Adesto RRAM Memory Takes 25 Years to Drain a Battery >>
* Super-fast evolving fish splitting into two species in same lake >>

* The End of the Smartphone? >>
* Watch Apple Testify About Encryption Live Before Congress >>
* The Genes Behind Your Weird Hair >>

* Finding A Source Of Flavor In Mud Microbes >>
* Hunt for Intelligent Aliens Should Focus on ‘Transit Zone’ >>
* Microsoft releases Windows 10 preview for Raspberry Pi 3 >>

* Graphene Patterned After Moth Eyes Could Give Us ‘Smart Wallpaper’ >>
* Return to Earth: An Astronaut’s View of Coming Home >>
* Scott Kelly’s year in space >>

* This 520 Million-Year-Old Fossil Is So Intricate You Can See Individual Nerves >>
* First ever crash reported with a self-driving car at (some) fault. >>
* Robots Don’t Need to Be Evil, Just Stupid, to Lead Us to Our Doom >>

* Nasa Wants A Supersonic X-plane Without The Boom >>
* Can You Imagine A Post-App Era? >>
* Microcasting Color TV By Abusing a Wi-Fi Chip >>

* Black Widow Spiders Broadcast Secret Color Signals >>
* MIT created a roll of tape that can sense in three dimensions >>
* Self-Assembled Nanomaterials Make Advances In Artificial Photosynthesis >>

* Judge says Apple doesn’t have to unlock iPhone in new York case >>
* Apple Plans to Step Up Security as Congress Debates Encryption >>
* First Take: Apple-FBI fight may be custom made for Supreme Court >>

* Meet the World’s First Truly Universal Cable >>
* Exquisite fossils reveal oldest nervous system ever preserved >>
* Deep-ocean sound waves may aid tsunami detection >>

* How 3D printing is shaking up high end dining >>
* Minecraft for the Oculus Rift shows the promise and perils of porting a game to VR >>

* Google I/O 2016 registration starts March 8th >>
* NASA is spending $20 million on this supersonic ‘X-plane’ >>

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