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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 1 March 2016

* The Bumpy Road to New Technologies >>
* Researchers Create Matrix-Like Instant Learning Through Brain Stimulation >>
* Google neural network tells you where photos were taken >>

* YouTube reduces the chances of mistaken video takedowns >>
* Gartner’s Top 10 Internet Of Things Technologies For 2017 & 2018 >>
* Scientists model a Coronavirus’ infectious bits for the first time >>

* Mysterious Bright Radio Flashes –“Reveals Missing Matter of the Universe” >>
* To Get Wind Power You Need Oil >>
* Eye on the Cure: Can Algae Genes Restore Vision in First Optogenetics Human Trial? >>

* Creating spacetime shortcuts with gravitational waveforms without exotic matter for possible FTL communication and FTL travel >>
* Lightest and cheapest medical exoskeleton helps those paralyzed from the waste down to walk >>
* Engineered ‘mini-organs’ produce insulin in mice >>

* Switchable material could enable new phase change memory chips >>
* Army Plans To Have Laser Weapon By 2023 >>
* Here’s Our First Look at Bill Nye’s Even Bigger, Higher-Flying LightSail >>

* Microsoft Will Ship Hololens Augmented Reality Headset Next Month >>
* Which Is More Powerful: A Giant Microscope Or A Giant Telescope? >>
* How to Rebuild Bruce Willis Inside of a Computer >>

* Microsoft HoloLens Preorders Open Today for $3,000 >>
* In Sweden’s first unstaffed food shop, all you need is a phone >>
* Technology could unwind a decade-long trend in global trade >>

* This AI tells you where to invest your money by analyzing the Internet >>
* ‘Little Ripper’ drones take flight to find sharks and save lives >>
* Autonomous Cars Could Be Worse For Carbon Emissions >>

* Why Organizations Forget What They Learn from Failures >>
* Bugatti Chiron blasts into Geneva with nearly 1,500 hp >>
* Bugatti’s $2.6 million Chiron is the fastest car in the world >>

* World’s Richest Man Picks Energy Miracles >>
* New Gene-Editing Techniques Could Transform Food Crops–or Die On the Vine >>
* Inside the Scottish mountain which is home to a power station >>

* Pay What You Want: Game Design Course Bundle >>
* Curiosity Depends on What You Already Know; We seek novelty, but not too much. >>
* Raspberry Pi 3: 50 percent faster, same price >>

* This is the Centenario, Lamborghini’s next ultra-limited-edition hypercar >>
* Microsoft reveals HoloLens hardware specs >>

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