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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 29 February 2016

* Moth Eye’ Graphene Breakthrough Could Create Indoor Solar Cells >>
* Volvo shows off a prototype of its self-emptying trash can >>
* Rapidly building artificial arteries for testing drugs >>

* AI learns to predict human reactions by reading our fiction >>
* Biden Comes To Silicon Valley For Innovation In White House Cancer Moonshot Initiative >>

* Scientists Are Trying to Grow Potatoes on ‘Mars’ >>
* How the Brain Dumps Its Trash [Video] >>
* Dementia cure just five years away – world expert >>

* Hypersonic missiles will be operational in the 2020s and hypersonic spyplanes in the 2030s >>
* Kurzweil debates the role of tech firms in personal privacy >>
* A practical solution to mass-producing low-cost nanoparticles >>

* Precision guided mini-grenade guns and smart rifles that turn any soldier into a sharpshooter >>
* Spacex Resets Launch Of Upgraded Falcon 9 Rocket For Serene Sunday Sunset On Feb. 28 >>
* 1950s America relied on a greater share of renewable energy than the present day. >>

* The Perseus Signal — “What We Found Could Not Be Explained by Known Physics” >>
* All the space missions you should be hyped for this year >>

* Precision guided mini-grenade guns and smart rifles that turn any soldier into a sharpshooter >>
* Gravitational Waves: Did Merging Black Holes Form from Single Star? >>
* U.S. Air Force reveals the first picture of its top secret $100bn B-21 stealth bomber that will replace the B-52 >>

* Black holes banish matter to the ‘loneliest places in the universe,’ scientists claim >>
* Take a tour of the $367 million jet that will soon be called Air Force One >>
* People are hanging off the edge of a 300-foot waterfall in Zambia >>

* Pentagon Research Could Make ‘Brain Modem’ A Reality >>
* Monetizing Mobile Gaming >>
* This Is What Darth Vader’s Theme Would Have Been If He Had Been The Hero >>

* ‘SUPERHOT’ Is A Super Rad First-Person Shooter Like Nothing You’ve Played Before >>
* How Brave New World Is Sneaking Up On Us >>
* Graphene ‘moth eyes’ to power future smart technologies >>

* Shark-spotting drones to patrol the skies above Australian beaches >>
* Scientists Plot Sea Levels Using GPS Satellites >>
* Lab-grown sperm cells successfully produced fertile baby mice >>

* Study finds a link between oral bacteria and oesophageal cancer >>
* The wealthier you are, the more you chase well-being, says survey >>

* Illumina, the Google of Genetic Testing, Has Plans for World Domination >>
* 5G was the real star of Mobile World Congress >>

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