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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 26 February 2016

* Scientists Have Created Functional Sperm From Stem Cells >>
* Fast Radio Bursts: First Distance Measurement >>
* Google’s latest AI doesn’t need geotags to figure out a photo’s location >>

* When will the universe end? Not for at least 2.8 billion years >>
* Next-Gen Sensors Make Golf Clubs, Tennis Rackets, and Baseball Bats Smarter Than Ever >>

* New Speech-Enhancing Software Ensures Loudspeaker Announcements Are Always Understandable >>
* How A Robotic Octopus Could Help Us Control Autonomous Drone Swarms >>
* The New Dream Jobs >>

* Watch this drone-guided robot empty the trash >>
* AI ‘frees us up to be humans again,’ H2O.ai chief says >>
* YouTube is launching a new tool that lets filmmakers blur out any object >>

* Morgan Freeman can now be your GPS navigation voice >>
* Science Explains Why You Love Morgan Freeman’s Voice >>

* Facebook’s AI is learning by reading loads of children’s books >>
* What Google Learned From Its Quest to Build the Perfect Team >>

* Tabletop electron microscope requires no preprocessing to observe and analyze non-conductive samples >>
* Watch The Splashdown Test Of Boeing’s Astronaut Capsule >>
* Atlas, The Next Generation >>

* Palm-Size Satellites Could Hunt for New Alien Worlds >>
* Quantum dot solids could usher in a post-silicon era in electronics >>

* Deep Learning in Healthcare Summit 2016 >>
* New electronic stethoscope and app diagnose lung conditions >>
* Lightning fast SD cards for 4K and 8K video are coming soon >>

* Mathematicians Write A Formula To Describe Waves >>
* Artificial tail-less sperm is the best test-tube sex cell yet >>
* Scientists Turn Skin Cells Into Stem Cells That Kill Brain Cancer >>

* Titanic Galaxy Explosion Pinpointed 6 Billion Light Years Away | Video >>
* Forever Data in Quartz: The Quest for the Immortal Bit >>
* Passive Wi-Fi at 10,000 times lower power >>

* New app splits up dinner bill based on wage inequality >>
* You’d pay $12.8 billion to buy one of everything on Amazon >>
* Apple’s case for encryption >>
* Startup puts diagnostic lab on a chip >>

* Chinese scientists isolate two Zika virus strains >>
* Pancreatic cancer identified as 4 different diseases >>

* A More Youthful Vagina? CO2 Laser ‘Mona Lisa Touch’ Resurfaces The Vagina >>
* You can use putty to get past the iPhone’s fingerprint security >>
* 20 negotiation tips for getting the salary you want >>

* Electric cars could be nearing a critically important tipping point for explosive growth >>
* This glider will fly 90,000 feet higher than most aircraft >>
* Scientists are getting closer to finding the mysterious 9th planet in our solar system >>

* Bill Gates’ letter to high schoolers: We need an ‘energy miracle’ to stop climate change >>
* Ultra-fast 5G wireless will be 300% faster than Google Fiber — and it could be here by 2017 >>

* The Drone Racing League just shared a video of its first race — and it looks intense >>
* Apple is working to make future iPhones even harder to break into >>

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