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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 25 February 2016

* The Next Generation of Boston Dynamics’ ATLAS Robot Is Quiet, Robust, and Tether Free >>
* Brazil plans to zap mosquitoes with radiation to halt spread of Zika virus >>
* Flexible Optical Metasurfaces Promise “Smart” Contact Lenses >>

* SES-9 >>
* How To Kill A Supercomputer: Dirty Power, Cosmic Rays, and Bad Solder >>
* “Genetic Scissors” Can Completely Eliminate Hiv From Cells >>
* New Milky Way Map Reveals a View of Our Galaxy Four Times Bigger Than We’ve Ever Seen >>

* Watch Google’s Humanoid Robot Learn The World Is A Harsh Place >>
* MSI’s Eye-Tracking Laptop Is the Future, But Not the Present >>
* Can Billionaire Robert Bigelow Create A Life For Humans In Space? >>

* Google Will Draw Your Selfie Using An Algorithm >>
* Gravitational Wave Might Have Come From ‘twin’ Black Holes Born In The Same Star >>
* There’s a New Kind of Wi-Fi That Uses 10,000 Times Less Power >>

* Google wants hard drives designed to store your cloud data >>
* Fast 5G Networks Will Require Flashy Clouds >>
* How IBM Plans To Innovate Past Moore’s Law >>

* 5 Oculus Rift Games That Will Blow You Away >>
* This is 5G’s moment — four years early >>
* Facebook’s Like button Reactions now available to everyone >>

* Facebook’s new Like button is here: Reactions are now available to everyone >>
* How the Internet of Things is becoming the ‘Internet of Commerce’ >>
* ‘Star Wars’ helmets translate your words to droidspeak >>

* This $245,495 Range Rover comes with a built-in gun case >>
* Air NZ to use 3D printed parts on planes >>
* Searching for the Gravitational Waves LIGO Can’t Hear >>

* Billion Sun–Bright Events Leave Radio Wave Clues >>
* 3D printing heralds faster routes to new robots >>
* How to reboot your New Year’s Resolutions >>

* Dodos were not that dumb, new research finds >>
* Major insight into killer pancreatic cancer >>
* Radio flash tracked to faraway galaxy >>

* Bill Gates: ‘Billionaires should never be responsible for solving problems’ >>
* Scientists just got some worrisome new information about the link between Zika and sex >>
* McLaren just created a hatchback supercar >>

* Bill Gates says cancer won’t be a problem in 30 years >>
* Global military laser market will reach $4.63 billion by 2020 >>
* NASA Studies the Effects of Human Spaceflight at the Molecular Level >>

* Alien Megastructures and Dark Matter: How Imagination Fuels Science >>
* Powerful Laser Could Blast Spacecraft to Mars in 3 Days (Video) >>

* Autonomous Nanosatellites: Satellites that Make Up Their Mind >>
* Driving Simulation Without Tears—Or Nausea >>
* Battery Powered Homes >>

* USA’s Northeast Megalopolis from Space >>
* Can Machine Learning Decode Depression? >>
* Watch the Next Generation Atlas Robot Get Bullied By A Mean Human (And Stay On His Feet) >>

* Google just showed me the future of indoor navigation >>
* DARPA developing truly autonomous commercial UAV quadcopters that go 45 mph with no communication to operator and no GPS >>
* Caltech Astronomers Search for Habitable Exoplanets Orbiting Very Cool Red Dwarf Stars >>

* Earth Hit by Multiple Cosmic Impacts 790,000 Years Ago –“Tsunamis Hundreds of Meters High” >>
* Watch this gorgeous 4K time-lapse showing horizons all over the world >>

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