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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 24 February 2016

* IBM’s supercomputer will power an online, anime VR game >>
* Facebook Is Making a Map of Everyone in the World >>
* Mastercard to let Brits confirm payments with a selfie >>

* Lg Brought A Rolling Robot To Mwc 2016 >>
* This Is The Defining Photo Of Virtual Reality (SO FAR) >>
* LIGO Expands Its Reach Across Universe in Search for Gravitational Waves >>

* Bill Gates backs the U.S. government in Apple’s iPhone privacy standoff >>
* Bill Gates Clarifies Statements On Apple Vs. FBI, Calls For Safeguards And Discussion >>

* Using Nothing But Google’s Project Tango Tablet To Escape A Maze >>
* Lasers Could Send A Wafer-thin Spaceship To A Star >>
* SpaceX’s SES-9 Launch And Why They Land Rockets At Sea >>

* This Little Bluetooth Sensor Shouts The Second Anyone Tries To Move Your Stuff >>
* An Egg-shaped Drone Built To Nestle Into A Backpack >>

* Here’s All the Cool Stuff From Mobile World Congress (So Far) >>
* Earth May Be Unique In The Universe >>
* Body Odor Is Less Repulsive When It Comes from “One of Us” >>

* Scientists Ponder the Prospect of Contagious Cancer >>
* 10 Breakthrough Technologies 2016 >>

* Dinosaurs Are So Much Better in 360-Degree Virtual Reality >>
* Justice Department Forcing Apple to Unlock ‘About 12 Other iPhones’ Says WSJ >>
* Ricoh’s New Action Cam Captures 204 Degrees of Your Escapades >>

* Oppo Claims It Can Fully Charge a Phone in Just 15 Minutes >>
* NASA’s Orion: 100,000 parts riding 8 million pounds of thrust >>
* This Mask Lets You Smell The Rainbow >>

* Feed Your 3d Printer Recycled Plastic >>
* Turning To The Ocean To Tackle Antibiotic Resistance >>
* Facebook’s Enormous Internet Drone Is Almost Ready For Primetime >>

* Spacex Ready For Next Launch And Landing Attempt Tomorrow >>
* Tesla Powerwalls Just Got a Gorgeous Competitor >>
* China’s Ban on ‘Weird’ Architecture Is a Damn Shame >>

* Vibrating Bat Wings Inspire Efficient Sea-Skimming Drones >>
* Thirty Meter Telescope Project Is Stalled, but the Robot Needed to Build It Is Ready >>
* Exomars 2016 Orbiter And Lander Mated For March Launch >>

* Plans Being Devised for Human Outpost Near the Moon >>
* Wild Theory: 5-Dimensional Black Holes Could Break Laws of Physics >>
* LIGO Team Probes Milky-Way Neutron Star Scorpius X-1 for Ancient Gravitational Waves >>

* Https Renders Uk Pirate Site Blocklist Useless >>
* Four Counter-Drone Technologies We Need Now >>
* Mastercard’s working on selfie-based security for online payments >>

* Engineered Mini-Stomachs Could Be Future Of Diabetes Treatment >>
* Facebook And Samsung’s VR Project Has One Big Obstacle >>
* Do we really need Volvo to replace car keys with an app? >>

* Bill Gates’ superpower: More (and cheaper) energy >>
* Facebook: Say happy birthday with video >>

* Nasa releases ‘Moon music’ heard by astronauts >>
* Coming, a `smart’ window that turns into a TV screen >>
* You can soon download films on mobiles in 5 seconds >>

* The Internet Is Undermining America’s Power >>
* We tried out a flexible LCD bracelet, and it was the geekiest thing ever >>
* Room-Scale VR Turns Your Whole Body Into a Game Controller >>


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