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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 23 February 2016

* Facebook working on social interactions in VR >>
* Next-gen 5G data tech could be done long before 2020 >>
* Not Every Drop of a Person’s Blood Is the Same, a Study Says >>

* FlexEnable’s flexible display >>
* App-less Video Calling Service >>
* Facebook wants to help internet providers get ready for virtual reality >>

* A new dating app is using AI to help you write the perfect message every time >>
* Amazon’s $400 Billion Opportunity To Disrupt the Global Supply Chain with one click international shipping >>

* Samsung’s Gear 360 Camera Wants to Make Everyone a VR Creator >>
* LG’s ultra lightweight VR headset won’t weigh your face down >>
* According to Futurists We Will Be 3D Printing Underwater Cities, House-Moving Drones and Even Our Meals within 100 Years >>

* Our first look at Disney’s Star Wars theme park expansions >>
* Google Wants to Replace SMS With a Better Messaging Platform >>
* The Next Star Wars Movie Has Recruited a Team of Drones to Protect Its Secrets >>

* AT&T Plans to Use LTE to Help Control Drones Over Long Distances >>
* Facebook sniffs at slow telcos, launches own Telecom Infrastructure Project >>
* Sony Xperia Ear, Projector And More Announced At Mwc 2016 >>

* Intelligent Energy secures $7.5m to develop smartphone fuel cell >>
* What makes swear words so offensive? >>
* Algae DNA could help the blind see in upcoming trials >>

* What 5G Will Mean for You >>
* Beyond Centrino: Intel drives device changes for a 5G world >>

* A disturbing image of Mark Zuckerberg and our virtual reality future >>
* Inside Mark Zuckerberg’s Big Bet That Facebook Can Make VR Social >>
* Facebook Is Building a Team to Take Virtual Reality Beyond Gaming >>

* Apple’s iPhone Already Has a Backdoor >>
* Read Tim Cook’s email to Apple employees about its fight against the FBI >>

* DNA Tags Help the Hunt for Drugs >>
* Researchers develop portable device that can detect Ebola, other diseases >>
* Traditional Pay-TV may be doomed >>

* All the Brain-Boosting Goodness of Exercise…in a Pill? >>
* ‘Hitomi’ Superior X-Ray Vision Spacecraft Enables New Views of a Violent Universe >>
* Spiral Galaxy Discovered with a Spectacular Tail 300,000 Light Years Across >>

* Ep. 403: Funding Big Science: From Alma To Ligo To Tmt >>
* Graphene’s Role as a Superconductor Just Got Better >>
* Software Helps Gene Editing Tool CRISPR Live Up to Its Hype >>

* I Controlled A RC Car With My Mind And It Was Amazing >>
* DARPA has electronic-photonic integrated chip >>
* Epson Announces Moverio BT-300 Smart Glasses >>

* Will Your Next Pet Be A Robotic Cat? >>
* This 4.7-Inch Organic LCD Wraps Right Around Your Wrist >>

* SpaceX Is Busy >>
* NASA’s next space telescope sees 100 times more than Hubble >>

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