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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 18 February 2016

* Google AI solves 100-hat puzzle used in Google job interviews >>
* The world’s cheapest smartphone is cheaper than expected, launches in India for $4 >>
* Are human beings just a group of traits? TED2016 >>

* Apple vs. the FBI >>
* XPRIZE is challenging A.I. to save the world >>
* Virtual Reality Companies Look to Science Fiction for Their Next Play >>

* Apple vs. the FBI: all the news on the battle for encryption’s future >>
* Tim Cook: Apple will fight US demands to build an iPhone backdoor >>

* Mobile Finger Gestures Will Supercharge Virtual Reality >>
* Russia’s New Ballistic Missiles To Be Tested On Asteroids >>
* Sound wave therapy is first alternative to Viagra in 15 years >>

* Our first sex with Neanderthals happened 100,000 years ago >>
* Dark Energy: No Answers but More Questions >>

* Why Sleep Deprivation Makes You Crabby >>
* Leap Motion’s new motion-sensing tech is built for VR >>
* Here’s How 8-year-olds Around The World Feel About Their Lives >>

* Google Express debuts fresh groceries in SF, LA >>
* New way to turn sunlight into hydrogen developed >>
* X Prize and IBM announce a $5 million artificial intelligence competition >>

* China Telescope to Displace 9,000 Villagers in Hunt for Extraterrestrials >>
* Gravitational-Wave Afterglow of Merging Black Holes –“Opens a Whole New Field of Astrophysics” >>
* Time-lapse Video Documents Assembly Of Webb Telescope Primary Mirror >>

* Walt Disney Animation is Officially as Good as Pixar Now >>
* Scientists Will Let Hurricanes Destroy These Drones To Gather Storm Data >>
* Smartphone can alert users to earthquakes >>

* Retrained T-cells cause cancer remission in over 90% of terminally ill acute lymphoblastic leukaemia patients >>
* Scientists Take Key Step Toward Custom-made Nanoscale Chemical Factories in bacterial microcompartments >>
* Metallic Mesh Becomes Invisible to Antenna Signals >>

* Average age of Japanese farmers is 66 so Japan starting to shift to robotic farms >>
* Laser-activated superconductor >>
* Iran and Russia to Co-Produce Su-30 Fighter Jet >>

* Samsung’s Edge display gets smarter as part of Marshmallow update >>
* This Chart Shows Who Marries CEOs, Doctors, Chefs and Janitors >>
* Wearable Tech Market To Be Worth $34 Billion By 2020 >>

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