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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 17 February 2016

* Cancer breakthrough: T-cell therapy offers prospect of lasting cure, say scientists >>
* Hold Up, Did We Just Crack Time Travel? >>
* Optical Data Storage Squeezes 360TB on to a Quartz Disc—Forever >>

* Study: Nobody Wants Social Robots That Look Like Humans Because They Threaten Our Identity >>
* LIGO’s black holes may have lived and died inside a huge star >>

* Our tomorrow: Hopeful/challenging talks in Session 1 of TED2016 >>
* Exercise slows growth of cancer in marathon mice >>
* Stop Calling It False Memory “Syndrome” >>

* GameStop CEO: PlayStation VR launching this fall >>
* New microbes that thrive deep inside Earth discovered >>
* Gas Cloud Flung Out of Milky Way Is Coming Back for Revenge >>

* Pixar’s photorealistic latest stunning CGI landscapes >>
* Google’s moonshot lab tried to create automated vertical farms >>
* A team of researchers developed a way to 3D print bone and muscle that survives when implanted >>

* Injectable Radios to Broadcast From Inside the Body >>
* KooKoo, the GPS-Enabled Kitty >>
* Mini-brains Could Help Scientists Understand How Chemicals Affect The Brain >>

* Controlling lasers to a millionth of a percent for trapped ion quantum computer >>
* Where Artificial Intelligence Is Now and What’s Just Around the Corner >>
* 3D-printing a new lifelike liver tissue for drug screening >>

* Energy harvesting from shoes could generate 10 watts per shoe >>
* Less-distracting haptic feedback could make car navigation safer than GPS audio and displays >>
* Digital Baby Project’s Aim: Computers That See Like Humans >>

* Gaming: Amazon’s New Developer Tools Are a Launch Into “Blue Ocean” >>
* The Evolution of Everything: How New Ideas Emerge >>
* Electronic Qubit Integrated Into Solid-State Switch >>

* New App Could Improve Earthquake Warning Using GPS >>
* Checking in with Andrew Ng at Baidu’s Blooming Silicon Valley Research Lab >>
* Introducing One of the Best Thin-film Transistors Ever >>

* Supercapacitor On-a-Chip Now One Step Closer >>
* Nanotube-Based Tunneling Field Effect Transistor Offers Semiconductor-Free Switching >>
* Revolutionary Cancer Therapy Shows Promise in Terminally Ill Patients >>

* IoT Battle: Carriers’ Big Narrowband Push >>
* Your immune system becomes like your partner’s when you cohabit >>
* A Brand New 2D Semiconductor Could Put Silicon in the Shade >>

* The 2016 Mobile World Congress Parties and Events Guide >>
* The brain may be able to repair itself — with help >>
* World’s Scientists Probe Our Hidden Universe of Microbial Ecosystems –Critical to Life (Today’s Most Popular) >>

* Graphene Leans on Glass to Advance Electronics which could finally enable scalable commercial graphene technologies >>
* Shonda Rhimes’ message at TED2016 >>
* Samsung Just Posted a Bunch of Details About the Unannounced Galaxy S7 >>

* New iPhone Leak Points To Apple’s Futuristic Interface >>
* Machines may replace half of human jobs >>
* Disparity in Life Spans of the Rich and the Poor Is Growing >>

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