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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 15 February 2016

* Sci-Fi Short Imagines How Brain-Computer Interfaces Will Make Us “Connected” >>
* A New Dimension in Home Buying: Virtual Reality >>
* 3D NAND flash chips will mean 3.5 TB SSD the size of a pack of gum and over 10 TB for 2.5 inch SSDs >>

* Artificial intelligence researchers claims sentient creativity machines will be made within 5 years >>
* Binary Star’s Planet-Forming Cloud May Be Result of Unique Gravitational Forces >>
* Astronomers Observe a Mystery Star Pretending to be a Supernova >>

* Not just automation but other economic forces have been reducing labor participation for decades >>
* More than Moore’s law strategy for computer industry >>

* Spacex planning to launch every 2 to 3 weeks and achieve 70% landing success rate in 2016 >>
* DARPA launching robotic sub hunting ship on April, 2016 >>
* Rabbit brain defrosted from cryopreservation without damage >>

* This Video of People Climbing a Skyscraper Is So Damn Stressful >>
* Glorious Ultra Clear Video Shows One Entire Year of the Sun >>

* UK Scientists Designing Cement To Safely Store Nuclear Waste For 100,000 Years >>
* Google Invents Next-Gen Radar-Based In-Air Gesturing System >>
* CERN Engineer Details AMD Zen Processor Confirming 32 Core Implementation, SMT >>

* Could Gravitational Waves Ever Be Strong Enough To Feel? >>
* What New Mobile Hardware To Expect At MWC 2016 >>

* In Case You Missed It: The first 3-D color hologram, An in-office paper-recycler and more! >>
* February Book Reviews Roundup >>
* Watch DARPA’s tiny drone do 45 MPH indoors, autonomously >>

* Creating a Computer Voice That People Like >>
* Google ramps up hiring for self-driving car project >>

* Chinese scientists achieve temperatures three times hotter than the sun >>
* New computer model to predict right-size heart valves >>

* Next, digital desire >>
* Here’s What 20 Common Yoga Terms Mean >>
* How Elon Musk got himself ready to change the world >>

A metal that behaves like water >>
Brainprints May Someday Replace Fingerprints and Passwords >>
New nanotechnology detects biomarkers of cancer >>
Humai’s Vision For the World of Tomorrow >>

* A robot that runs and swims like a salamander >>
* The man who dissected his OWN brain tumor >>

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