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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 12 February 2016

* Gravitational Waves >>
* ‘We have detected gravitational waves’ — LIGO scientists >>

* Qualcomm’s new ‘gigabit’ LTE modem is ludicrously fast, but Wi-Fi beware >>
* Future Astronauts May Need To Eat A Lot Of Prunes >>
* A New Technique Makes GPS Accurate to an Inch >>

* 1Gbps quad-antenna mobile broadband chip dives off Qualcomm’s drawing board >>
* You Can Train Your Body Into Thinking It’s Had Medicine >>
* Engineers Devise a Way To Harvest Wind Energy From Trees >>

* Researchers Achieve Fastest Ever Data Transmission at Blistering 1.125 Tbps >>
* Scientists Create Artificial Tissues With A Cotton Candy Machine >>
* Google Patents Delivery Trucks That Drive Themselves >>

* Extraterrestrial Life Could Be Vulnerable to Greenhouse Effect – See more at: >>
* Historic Gravitational Waves Discovery Explained By Experts >>
* “The Supervoid” –Scientists Probe the Cause of the Largest Structure in the Cosmos >>

* Japanese boffins fire up 100Gbps wireless broadband connection >>
* Implantable ‘stentrode’ to allow paralyzed patients to control an exoskeleton with their mind >>
* Could humans ever regenerate limbs? >>

* Your Next Condom Could Be Made Of Grass >>
* The Best BB-8 Yet Recognizes Voice Commands and Comes When It’s Called >>
* Listen To The Sound Of Gravitational Waves >>

* Here’s Our First Glimpse at the Flash/Supergirl Crossover >>
* Could humans ever regenerate limbs? >>
* Inside SU’s First Salon: Lab-Grown Organs, Cybersecurity, and AI Music Apps >>

* Robots in Health Care Could Lead to a Doctorless Hospital >>
* Was A Man Struck And Killed By A Meteorite In India? >>
* Sources Of Gravitational Waves: The Most Violent Events In The Universe >>

* Gravitational Wave Detectors: How They Work >>
* “The Warped Side of the Universe” –Caltech’s Kip Thorne on the Discovery of Gravitational Waves (VIDEO) >>
* Developing Countries Are Battling Diseases of the Rich and Poor >>

* High-altitude drones could eliminate phone signal black spots >>
* Whole Zika genome recovered from brain of baby with microcephaly >>
* Google extends European Right to Be Forgotten link blocks >>

* High speed cameras catch the physics of sneezing >>
* Neanderthal DNA may account for nicotine addiction and depression >>
* Research claims ‘proof’ of link between Zika virus and microcephaly in babies >>

* Mobile World Congress 2016: 5G, IoT and Politics On Tap >>
* BB-8 spoke actual words — here’s how the ‘Star Wars’ droid’s voice was made >>
* Qualcomm Introduces World’s First Gigabit LTE Modem >>

* Google reportedly building a completely stand-alone virtual reality headset >>
* Neanderthal DNA can influence everything from your skin to your cigarette habit >>
* What Ever Happened To Waterbeds? >>

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