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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 11 February 2016

* Japan Launches X-Ray Observatory to Probe Black Hole Physics and Galaxy Clusters >>
* How to ‘weld’ neurons with a laser >>
* New cryopreservation procedure wins Brain Preservation Prize >>

* Google just patented a self-driving delivery truck >>
* Fintech 50: The Future Of Your Money >>
* Google’s Driverless Cars Will Be Legally Treated Like Human Drivers >>

* ‘Dark sunshine’ could illuminate the search for dark matter >>
* Do gravitational waves exist? You’ll know by tomorrow >>
* Gravitational Waves vs. Gravity Waves: Know the Difference! >>
* Milky Way’s Place in the Cosmos –“New Insights Into the Great Attractor and Dark Energy” >>

* Terabit satellites to supercharge remote internet access >>
* Silicon put in graphene cages for a battery anode able to hold ten times more charge >>
* Spy Chief Calls Gene Editing a Weapon of Mass Destruction >>

* Google X exec joins Grail to develop cancer test >>
* Researchers spot hundreds of galaxies hidden behind Milky Way >>
* Genes may affect stress fracture injuries: Study >>

* First fully approved off the shelf stem cells launch in japan >>
* $19 billion NASA budget for 2017 still not enough to get to Mars >>
* Why You Should Be Excited about This Week’s Big LIGO Announcement >>

* Chinese experimental nuclear fusion reactor contained a 50 million degree plasma for 102 seconds >>
* Exclusive: In boost to self-driving cars, U.S. tells Google computers can qualify as drivers >>
* There’s No Escape From These Drones That Track Humans in the Woods >>

* China’s Experimental Fusion Reactor Hits Major Milestone >>
* Want to drive over anything? You’ll need the Russian Sherp ATV >>
* How Google’s AI is teaching itself to play computer games like a human >>

* Welcome to the Age of Robot Animals >>
* The rise of Donald Trump is a terrifying moment in American politics >>
* MagicLab – 24 Drone Flight >>

* How Star Wars: The Force Awakens Really Should Have Ended >>
* New ‘star Trek’ Tv Series Will Be Run By ‘hannibal’ Creator Bryan Fuller >>
* The Small Mammal Brain Preservation Prize Has Been Won >>

* These ultra-luxurious underwater homes are being built in Dubai >>
* The two most important discoveries that completely transformed our view of ET in the universe >>

* Scientists just discovered 883 galaxies that have been hiding in plain sight >>
* An Army lab figured out how to make pizza that lasts 3 years >>
* As men age, their sperm contains more disease-causing mutations >>

* NASA’s crazy 18-propeller wing test looks like a scene out of Mad Max >>
* New 1-Terabit internet satellites will deliver high-speed internet to remote areas >>

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