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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 10 February 2016

* Powering brain implants without wires with thin-film wireless power transmission system >>
* Impact of automation puts up to 85% of jobs in developing countries at risk >>
* This robot cockroach could eventually help search-and-rescue teams >>

* Sleep deprivation linked to false confession in milestone study >>
* Your brain activity for memory tasks changes with the seasons >>
* Programmable Dongles Turn PCs Into LTE Base Stations >>

* LHC Recreates the Universe Billionths of a Second After the Big Bang >>
* Morocco turns on what will become the world’s largest solar power plant >>
* Could a Meteorite Really Have Killed a Bus Driver in India? >>

* Researchers Just Discovered Hundreds of Galaxies Hidden Behind the Milky Way >>
* Brain Preservation Breakthrough Could Usher in a New Era in Cryonics >>

* We Finally Understand How Concrete Behaves at a Microscopic Level >>
* Bloodthirsty Ticks Have a Seriously Weird Genome >>
* Amazon Releases Its Own Game Engine For Free >>

* Bacteria can ‘see’ by using their body as lens >>
* 5G might be your next home broadband service >>
* Battery Research Claims 10x Gain >>

* US Missile Defense Agency Claims Success in Non-Intercept Test – See more at: >>
* Medium-Size Asteroid Strike Could Unleash a Mini Ice Age >>
* Gravitational Waves And How They Distort Space >>
* Astronomy Cast Ep. 402: Gravity Eyes: See The Invisible With The Force >>

* The Rise and Fall of Supernova 2015F >>
* Pattern recognition is not the same as pattern matching >>
* Rigetti Computing is a quantum computer startup that emerged from IBM Research >>

* Drone Racing Is Starting to Look More Exciting Than a Top Gun Dogfight >>
* You Can Now Stream Torrents In Your Web Browser >>
* How The Earth Could Lose Every Drop Of Water It Has >>

* Can We Prevent Zika From Becoming The Next “Fearbola”? >>
* In Just 0.887 Seconds Another Machine Has Already Shattered the Rubik’s Cube World Record >>
* Chinese Fusion Test Hits 90 Million Degrees for 102 Seconds >>

* In This Short Film, Pamela Anderson Discovers Just How Creepy The Singularity Can Be >>
Israeli Defense Company Unveils Robot Warship >>
* Scientists Found a Way to Control Machines With Your Mind, No Brain Surgery Required >>

* This Twisting Manhattan Tower Will Have a Park on Every Floor >>
* Your future contact lenses could double as electronic displays >>
* Axent Wear’s cat ear headphones are the stuff of anime dreams >>

* The first Ultra HD 4K Blu-ray players arrive early >>
* Skylake Breaks 7GHz In Intel Overclocking World Record >>
* NASA’s Curiosity offers another 360-degree peek at Mars >>

* The Internet of Broken Things >>
* #MEMS to Displace Silicon In Smartphone RF Tuners, Filters, Antennas even PAs >>
* Smart car algorithm sees pedestrians as well as you can >>

* Brain-machine link helps you steer exoskeletons with your mind >>
* 3D-printed ‘spermbots’ could fix lazy sperm to treat male infertility >>

* Space Junk Litters the Solar System >>
* Thought-controlled Exoskeleton Could Let Paralyzed People Walk >>
* Shark attacks set record in 2015 with 98 worldwide >>

* A discovery that could change our entire understanding of the universe >>
* X-rays, nanoparticles can kill cancer >>
* Google boss becomes highest-paid in US >>

* Engineering students invented a ‘pancake printer’ that takes breakfast to the next level >>
* A robot butler is replacing humans in some California hotels >>
* A sigh’s not just a sigh – it’s a fundamental life-sustaining reflex >>

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