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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 6 February 2016

* Google Deepmind’s Algorithm Can Now Explore 3d Mazes >>
* Spacex Gears Up For Mass Production Of Falcon Rockets >>
* Umbilical blood cells kill cancer quicker than adult cells >>

* Pic-scanning AI estimates city air pollution from mass of photos >>
* First flight of hydrogen-powered drone with water vapour exhaust >>
* Bye-bye Internet bubble 2.0 >>

* AI Is Transforming Google Search. The Rest of the Web Is Next >>
* Your beard may help create new antibiotics >>

* Google AI to play live Go match against world champion >>
* The Sharing Age >>

* An Asteroid Will Pass Earth So Closely Next Month That We Could See It in the Sky >>
* This Samsung Patent Lets Smartwatches Recognize You By Your Veins >>
* Swinging an iPhone Around Your Head Creates a Stunning Bullet-Time Effect >>

* Earth From Afar Would Look Only 82% Right For Life >>
* Nanomembrane May Bring Rechargeable Lithium-Metal Batteries Back >>
* What’s Behind North Korea’s Space Launch? A View From the Inside >>

* Video Friday: Droneboarding, RoboCoaster, and AI Video Competition >>
* Google Wants Its Driverless Cars to Be Wireless Too >>
* A Deep Learning AI Chip for Your Phone >>

* First Phase Of Giant Solar Power Plant In Morocco Turns On >>
* Elon Musk and Spacex to reveal the Spacex Mars roadmap at IAC from Sept 26-30th 2016 >>
* Mayo Clinic researchers extend lifespan by up to 35 percent in mice >>

* Video of a Crane Collapsing in Manhattan >>
* A Giant Crane Just Flipped Upside Down and Killed Someone in Downtown Manhattan >>
* Scientists Made the Perfect Skipping Stone and Skipped It Across Their Lab >>

* Pirate Bay Transforms Into The World’s Biggest Streaming Site >>
* What’s new with iOS 9.3? >>
* Microsoft Reveals Real Cost Of ‘Free’ Windows 10 >>

* In Japan, a Battle Brewing Over the Right To Record 4k and 8k Broadcasts >>
* Visa wakes up to the sound of the internet >>
* TED Talks: Watch The Top 10 TED Talks On Health >>

* The Two Big Bangs >>
* Create VR experiences within VR itself using Unreal Engine >>
* Galaxy Clusters Are Way More Complicated Than We Thought >>

* Engineers Made Battery Electrodes Out Of Pollen >>
* Manipulating Brain May Ease Pain Of Drug Withdrawal >>
* New Estimate Boosts the Human Brain’s Memory Capacity 10-Fold >>

* Who Needs Advanced Math? Not Everybody >>
* Weekly Space Hangout – Feb. 5, 2016: Dr. Or Graur >>
* Jupiter Not The Planetary Protector We Thought It Was? >>

* Why there’s nothing fake about Facebook friends >>
* End of road for car side mirrors? >>
* Zika: The key unanswered questions >>

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