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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 29 January 2016

* Our Place In The Universe: The Most Detailed Map Yet >>
* A new technique for super-resolution digital microscopy >>
* Facebook Reactions to replace ‘awkward Likes’ >>

* Linking Chips With Light ; 70 million transistors, 850 optical components in silicon processor >>
* First Laser Measurements of Magnetic Fields of Single Nerves >>
* This Robot Changes How It Looks at You to Match Your Personality >>

* A Search Engine for Your Memories >>
* Google’s AI Masters the Game of Go a Decade Earlier Than Expected >>

* New Wearable Sensors Know What’s in Your Sweat >>
* Smart Wearable Sensor Takes Sweat-Monitoring To Next Level >>

* Smartphone makers shipped a record 1.4 billion devices in 2015 >>
* Google Plans Four New Sites for Self-driving Cars >>
* Polywell Fusion and promises more technical disclosure >>

* WHO Extremely Alarmed by Zika, Cases Could Reach 4 Million >>
* WHO says Zika virus is a threat of ‘alarming proportions’ >>
* Your next Android phone might ‘see’ like humans >>

* How cancer cells form tumors by reaching out with ‘cables’ and grabbing cells >>
* Google machine-learning system is first to defeat professional Go player >>
* What species would become dominant on Earth if humans died out? >>

* The Problem with Biofuels >>
* Elon Musk says Electric cars need to be more ‘futuristic’ to attract buyers >>
* 30 Years After Challenger, Remembering All Those Killed In The Pursuit Of Space >>

* Immune System Offers Major Clue to Schizophrenia >>
* Search for Life on Mars –“Organisms on the ISS Survive a Red-Planet Environment” >>
* Milky Way With Nearby Constellations By Matt Dieterich >>

* SpaceX tests Crew Dragon’s parachute landing skills >>
* Brain’s Memory Capacity Rivals World Wide Web >>
* How precise is your fitness band or Wi-Fi scale? >>

* Oculus Rift Could Be A Massive Flop For Facebook >>
* CERN needs to figure out which 9,000 cables to disconnect for LHC upgrade >>
* Robots will soon be able to read our minds >>

* Human brain uses both sides for number crunching >>
* ‘Back To The Future’ Iconic Delorean Cars Back In Production >>
* Google reveals how much it paid the guy who bought Google.com for one minute — and it’s hysterical >>

* The 6 ways we’re most likely to find aliens in the not-to-distant future >>
* Here’s why a recession might help Netflix and hurt cable companies >>
* What new wearable sensors can reveal from perspiration >>

* This Smartphone-Connected Irrigation Controller Can Pay For Itself >>
* How Google may pull off drone deliveries without putting your dog at risk >>
* California secretly listened to cellphone calls from the air >>

* Warren Buffett controls Nevada’s legacy utility. Elon Musk is behind the solar company that’s upending the market. Let the fun begin. >>
* Zika Virus Is ‘Spreading Explosively’ Through The Americas — Here’s What We Know About It >>
* First Click: Clamping down on VPNs will turn Netflix subscribers into pirates >>

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