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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 28 January 2016

* Computer Beats Go Champion for First Time >>
* Scientists Discover Genetic, Biologic Cause Of Schizophrenia >>
* Sweat Sensors Track Athletes’ Health >>

* Nanowire Transistors Could Let You Talk, Text, and Tweet Longer >>
* We Asked a Robot to Write an Obit for AI Pioneer Marvin Minsky >>

* Microsoft Open Sources Its Artificial Brain To One-up Google >>
* Woven nanomaterials into the first 3D covalent organic framework makes more flexible and resilient material >>

* Opportunity Robustly In Action On 12th Anniversary Of Red Planet Touchdown >>
* Curiosity Sticks Her Toes In A Martian Sand Dune, Takes A Selfie >>

* At Saturn, Cassini Spacecraft Adjusts Orbit for Titan-ic ‘Grand Finale’ >>
* Astronomy Cast Ep. 400: State Of The Universe >>
* A novel ’4D printing’ method inspired by plants >>

* Lily’s Flying Camera Is Flying Off of Virtual Shelves >>
* Roll to Roll Electronics Manufacturing Rolls On >>
* Russia, China, North Korea and Iran are developing anti-satellite capabilities >>

* Flexible Pressure Sensors Stay Accurate Even When Bent >>
* Charles Bombardier has improved hypersonic design able to go 24 times the speed of sound with counterflow air cooling >>
* Woven nanomaterials into the first 3D covalent organic framework makes more flexible and resilient material >>

* Your Future Self-Driving Car Will Be Way More Hackable >>
* Squishy Robot Fingers Gently Tickle Deep Sea Critters >>
* Is 3-D Printing the Key to Cheap Carbon-Fiber Parts? >>

* What Marvin Minsky Still Means for AI >>
* Lawmakers Still Battling Over Russian Rocket Engines >>
* Google Just Beat Facebook in Race to Artificial Intelligence Milestone >>

* Google patents robotic ‘mobile delivery receptacle’ >>
* This Is How Google’s Project Wing Drone Delivery Service Could Work >>
* How The Next Generation Of Drones Could Reshape Future War >>

* The Doomsday Clock Remains at 3 Minutes to Midnight, But That’s Horrible News >>
* The iPhone 7 Might Get A Dual-Camera System To Take Better Photos >>
* India get its first beach with free public Wi-Fi >>

* Oculus “Quill” Turns VR Painting Into Performance Art >>
* Monster Machine Cracks The Game Of Go >>
* Nanotube Coating Makes Coaxial Cables 50% Lighter >>

* Our Brains Are Built To Ignore Things. Here’s Why That’s Great News >>
* Overactive brain pruning in teens could cause schizophrenia >>
* Wearable sweat sensor shows how hydrated you are during workouts >>

* 3-D Scanners Race to Monuments before Terrorists Blow Them Up >>
* Zika Testing Is Urged for Some Newborns >>
* Surgeons Could Use This ‘pen’ To See Cancer >>

* The Surge of Zika Virus >>
* Alzheimer’s may get transmitted through ‘medical accidents’ >>
* Face value: How fertile women spot rivals >>

* SpaceX just announced more details about its Hyperloop test track >>
* 7 things that hold people back from being successful >>
* A Match Made in Chip Verification Heaven: Simulation and Emulation >>

* Could This Be The Hover Board? >>
* Google’s Deep Learning Comes to Movidius >>
* The Milky Way’s Odd, Shapeless Pristine Neighbor (ESO) >>

* Scientists Move Closer to Understanding Schizophrenia’s Cause >>

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