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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 22 January 2016

* Memory capacity of brain is 10 times more than previously thought >>
* Telling Jewels From Junk in DNA >>
* Finally a way to decipher your baby’s cries >>

* Preventing the Next Ebola Epidemic >>
* DARPA wants to build wetware so we can mind control computers >>
* Sir David Attenborough narrates Google’s latest virtual reality Expedition >>

* How Far Away Is The Universe’s Most Distant Galaxy? >>
* Skype for Android lets you schedule calls, open Office files >>
* Buckingham Palace virtual reality tour will make you dream of high tea with the Queen >>

* Cells Play ‘telephone Game’ Before Making A Move >>
* The 14 most exciting tech products that will launch this year >>
* 34 billion devices will be connected to the internet by 2020 >>

* Blood Test May Predict When Antibiotics Won’t Help >>
* How many mass extinctions have there been? >>
* Gatebox Hologram Communication Robot: Siri 3D >>

* VR-powered theme park rides will blow you mind later this year >>
* Health Buzz: Frozen Man Recovers After Being Found With No Pulse >>
* Realistic artificial intelligence can make games – or break them >>

* Lab Grown Neural Networks Could Repair Axonal Damage With Minimal Brain Tissue Disruption >>
* Stephen Hawking: Black Holes Have ‘Hair’ >>
* Neuroscientists have figured out how your brain wakes you up >>

* WFIRST: Work On NASA’s ‘Spy Telescope’ Begins >>
* NASA Officially Cautious About ‘Planet Nine’ | Video >>
* The Answer to the Fermi Paradox? –“Extraterrestrial Life Likely to Become Extinct Quickly” >>

* Planet Nine: “An Uneasy Exhilaration” >>
* Antarctic Microbes Hold Clue to Earth’s Oxygen >>
* This Monster Galaxy is Too Bright for Its Own Good >>

* Milky Way’s 32-Million-Year Dark Matter Cycle –“Did It Trigger the Extinction of Dinosaurs?” >>
* Searching for Earth 2.0 Around a Neighboring Star >>
* The Different Ways The Universe Might End Are Fascinating And Horrifying >>

* How to modify a 3-D printer to print high-performance products >>
* Graphene elastomer could create soft, tactile robots to help care for elderly people >>
* Don’t Blame Watson for IBM’s Slide >>

* Trouble With Targets >>
* Human Brain Could Store 10 Times More Memories Than Previously Thought >>
* Biggest Hurdles for Hyperloop Are Still Land Rights and Bureaucracy, Not Tech >>

* 62 People Own As Much Wealth As Half The Global Population >>
* The World Is More Unequal Than Ever. Is That Because of Technology? >>
* Vote for Microsoft’s trio of HoloLens app finalists >>

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