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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 21 January 2016

* 3-D Printed Yeast Cell >>
* Computer Vision Has Its Sights On Disrupting Search >>
* Neil deGrasse Tyson and futurist Ray Kurzweil >>

* Robots That Could Decompose When They’re No Longer Needed >>
* The Catalyst That Finally Gets Fuel Cell Vehicles on the Road? >>
* Watch This Fireproof Drone Not Burn >>

* Watch A Drone Land Autonomously On A Car Driving 45 Mph >>
* Memory that learns could help tomorrow’s intelligent computers >>
* Study reveals why your brain makes you slip up when anxious >>

* Scientists Can Watch Electrons Cool Down in 30 Quadrillionths of a Second >>
* Safely Travel Deep Inside a Glacier Through the Eyes of a Drone >>

* Lithium-Ion Battery Warms Up, Operates In Subzero Temperatures >>
* Graphene Offers Emission Tunability for Terahertz Lasers >>
* An App to Organize Information Overload on Your Smartphone >>

* How an AI Algorithm Learned to Write Political Speeches >>
* Tech’s ‘Frightful 5’ Will Dominate Digital Life for Foreseeable Future >>
* IoT Moves From Smart To Wicked Intelligent At CES >>

* Space gardening can help astronauts reduce stress >>
* Technology Is Destroying Our Inner Lives >>
* Ultrasound exposure could be making people ill, study finds >>

* Egyptian Pyramid Scans Reveal New Anomalies >>
* That bizarre-looking star just got way more mysterious — and aliens could be the reason >>
* Study Confirms That Something’s Weird About The ‘alien Megastructure’ Star >>

* Ninth Planet May Exist in Solar System Beyond Pluto, Scientists Report >>
* NASA Launches Football-Field-Sized Balloon Above Antarctica to Probe Solar Flares >>
* First Space Zinnia Blooms And Catches Sun’s Rays On Space Station >>

* Open-source, Internet-assisted farming aims for a new green revolution >>
* Helicopter Robot Airdrops Recon Ground Robot, No Humans Necessary >>
* Zika Virus Could Stir Demand for GM Mosquitoes >>

* Using Patient Fingerprints to Break Down Medical Record Silos >>
* Tiny electronic implants monitor brain injury, then melt away >>
* How to View Five Planets Aligning in a Celestial Spectacle >>

* Why Schools And Hospitals Should Be More Like Theme Parks >>
* Recommended Reads on the Robot and AI Beat This Week >>
* How Should We Look For Aliens? >>

* 9 tech companies are dangerously burning cash >>
* After brain research, Infosys’s Kris Gopalakrishnan now turns eye on stem cell research >>

* Google can take you on a VR trip to the Great Barrier Reef >>
* Painless electrical zaps may replace dental anesthesia needles >>
* Stephen Hawking says humans might not last another 100 years >>

* Putting Exploding Expanding Foam Inside a House Is Totally Crazy >>
* A Sexier Microsoft >>
* Things Of The Future, 3D-Printed And Built Like Websites >>

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