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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 20 January 2016

* Antarctica Gets A Cellular Network For The ‘Internet Of Things’ >>
* Head transplant carried out on monkey, claims maverick surgeon >>
* Artificial Intelligence Algorithm Now Capable of Identifying Humor >>

* Klaus Schwab: The 4th Industrial Revolution: What It Means, How To Respond >>
* Prime number with 22 million digits is the biggest ever found >>
* Researchers kill drug-resistant lung cancer with 50 times less chemo >>

* Sleeping in at the weekend might reduce diabetes risk >>
* Scientists discover blueprint of body’s heat sensor >>
* Is ‘antivirulence’ The Answer To Failing Antibiotics? >>

* Physicists Create Quantum Knots for the First Time >>
* The “world’s first vertical cable car” will climb to a height of 138 meters in the UK >>
* Sikorsky shows off superfast and compact S-97 Raider military helicopter proof of concept >>

* Stretchy Film Could Lead To Phone-size Cancer Detector >>
* Slow motion footage shows water freezing in mid-air >>
* Large Hadron Collider Measurements –“Point to Fundamental Symmetry of the Universe” >>

* Ancient Diamonds Open a Window on Planet Earth 3.5 Billion Years Ago >>
* On Alien Planets, Nitrogen May Be A Sign of Habitability >>
* Laser-Driven “Bubble Pen” Patterns Nanoparticles >>

* Spectacular Video Shows Flyability’s Gimball Drone Exploring Ice Caves >>
* Self-Driving Cars Will Be Ready Before Our Laws Are >>
* A Dark Sand Dune on Mars >>

* Elon Musk on the twin revolutions of electrification and autonomous driving cars >>
* Can Augmented Reality Make Remote Communication Feel More Intimate? >>
* A self-assembling molecular nanoswitch >>

* Oculus Vr President Explains How Virtual Reality Will Change The World >>
* First U.S. Case Of Brain Damage Linked To Zika Virus >>
* New Software Could Keep Your Drone From Ever Crashing Into a Tree Again >>

* ‘Inflatable Dark Matter’ Could Explain Why We See Less Than Many Theories Predict >>
* Samsung is building chips for next-gen gaming graphics >>
* Why Are All The Holograms In The Star Wars Universe So Crappy? >>

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