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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 19 January 2016

* This Silicon Chip Will Monitor Your Brain and Dissolve in Your Body >>
* Medical Space Race: Inside The Two Moonshots To Cure Cancer >>
* IBM Watson Head Mike Rhodin On The Future Of Artificial Intelligence >>

* A Disappointing Consumer Electronic Show (CES) For Home Automation >>
* Robots could replace 5 million jobs by 2020, report claims >>
* Thorpe Park unveils VR ghost train designed by Derren Brown >>

* Video Shows SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket Land on Droneship, Then Fall Over and Explode >>
* Spacex has successful satellite launch but landing leg failure caused rocket to tip over >>
* This robot will help clean up the radiation-filled Fukushima power plant >>

* This color-changing polymer warns of tiny damage you can’t see >>
* India Outlines Ambitious Agenda To Boost Startups As Well As Stem Their Exodus To Foreign Lands >>
* Autonomous Robots Are Changing The Way We Build And Move Products Around The World >>

* Chickens Weren’t Always Dinner for Humans >>
* Black hole sun could support bizarre life on orbiting planets >>
* Brain monitor the size of a grain of rice dissolves after use >>

* How The Brain Plays Back Memories In Fast Forward >>
* Automakers, tech giants more likely to work together than apart >>
* Secrets of Egyptian pyramids could lie in cosmic particles >>

* Scientists track chemo with fluorescent nanoparticles >>
* Tech faces hour of reckoning as fundraising drops, layoffs rise >>
* Young people fear losing jobs to robots: Survey >>

* String Theory Might Merge With the Other Theory of Everything >>
* TEDX Talk: What’s Happening With Artificial Intelligence? >>
* NASA Teaching Robonaut to Perform Surgery >>

* Machine learning’s hand in touch-less, straight-through processing and beyond >>
* Anticipating Your Needs: Emotional Intelligence Is the Key to Smarter Gadgets >>
* Artificial intelligence: Who’s regulating the robots? >>

* Scientists have started growing human fallopian tubes in the lab >>
* Beyond Carbon –“The Possibilities of Life Elsewhere in the Universe are Staggering” >>
* 90% Extinct! –“Was Largest of Earth’s Five Mass Extinctions Caused By Microbes?” >>

* Sensors Slip into the Brain, Then Dissolve When the Job Is Done >>
* NASA Picks Dream Chaser Shuttle for Space Station Resupply >>
* Obama’s $4-Billion Self-Driving Car Plan Is All About Laws and Testing >>

* Proxima Centauri: The Closest Star >>
* EmTech Digital: How will smart machines redefine your industry? >>
* NANOTECH 2016 Conference & Expo >>

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