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Futueseek Daily Link Review; 18 January 2016

* Scientists successfully revive animal frozen 30 years ago >>
* Brain ‘switch’ to turn off nicotine cravings identified >>
* Nasa Astronauts Grow Flowers On The Iss Paving Way To Grow Food In Space >>

* Tech faces hour of reckoning as fundraising drops, layoffs rise >>
* Healbe’s GoBe Claims Automatic Calorie Tracking >>
* Sociable Chimps Get Richer Gut Microbiomes >>

* ‘It’s like she’s made of steel’ – Bionic girl, 7, can do without sleep or food and feels no pain >>
* Autopilot could make pilots rusty, DOT says >>
* Intel is rebuilding itself on three pillars—and the PC isn’t one of them >>

* Researchers Propose Method For Teleporting Creatures’ Memories >>
* Automakers will collaborate to try to stop car hacks before they happen >>
* Microsoft Neural Net Shows Deep Learning Can Get Way Deeper >>

* Shape-shifting worm creates five different versions of itself >>
* Comets can’t explain weird ‘alien megastructure’ star after all >>
* 3d Pictures Show How Enzymes Create Antibiotics >>

* ‘Bubble pen’ can precisely write patterns with nanoparticles as small as 1 nanometer >>
* In Vegas, Samsung Bets Big on the Connected Home >>
* Shuttle model Inspiration getting revamp, going on road >>

* Second largest black hole detected in Milky Way >>
* Is India ready for a womb transplant? >>
* Researchers simulate fast, accurate DNA sequencing through graphene nanopore (w/video) >>

* This device is being touted as the ‘check engine light for the brain’ >>
* Spacex Test Fires Recovered Falcon 9 Booster In Major Step To Reusable Rockets >>
* Density of Dark Matter in the Universe –“Was Powered by Interactions in a ‘Hidden Sector’ of Physics” >>

* Putting the Polish on Epic-Scale Telescope Mirrors >>
* The Galactic Center in Infrared >>
* The Race to Space >>

* Report by Robert Scoble from CES >>
* NASA has formalized Planetary Defense Coordination Office to detect and mitigate asteroid threats >>
* Much like white light, spacetime is also composed of a certain rainbow >>

* This Patented Method for Eyebrow-Shaping Uses the Golden Ratio >>
* This Goldeneye Unreal Engine Remake Is Too Good To Pass Up >>
* Official Report Pokes More Holes In Nasa’s Plan To Get To Mars >>

* Researchers Are Teaching ATLAS To Do Household Chores Like Rosey from The Jetsons >>
* Mice Can Detect Alzheimer’s By Smell >>
* China Targets 2018 For Landing Probe On Far Side of Moon >>

* Will Robots Save The Future Of Work? >>
* Microsoft HoloLens can talk to just about any device >>
* Cancer and Climate Change >>

* NASA has formalized Planetary Defense Coordination Office to detect and mitigate asteroid threats >>
* MIT researchers can recycle the light of incandescent light and become 4 times as efficient as LED lights >>
* SpaceX Rocket vs. Robot Boat, Round 4! Tune in Live to the Grudge Fight : UPDATE: FAILED AGAIN >>

* How Mold on Space Station Flowers is Helping Get Us to Mars >>
* NASA/Curiosity Mission: “We’re Missing Something Important About Mars” (Weekend Feature) >>
* Can a brain scan uncover your morals? >>

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Futueseek Daily Link Review; 15 January 2016 http://wp.me/puxrR-26y

* ICYMI: Tiny sperm motor >>
* Robots Are Accessing Banking Data Through GUIs Rather Than APIs >>
* Hands-On with Ultrahaptics’ Invisible, Touchable Controls >>

* World’s first 13TB SSD is here >>
* We reached America’s doorstep 10,000 years earlier than thought >>
* Giant Yahoo Data Dump Aims to Help Computers Know What You Want >>

* We’ve found the brightest ever supernova but can’t explain it >>
* Not All Gravitational Waves Are Created Equal >>
* This first-person spy game in VR looks amazing >>

* Department of Energy ESnet will carry 100 petabytes of data per month in 2016 >>
* Google dives into virtual reality with new division >>
* New DARPA Chips Ease Operations In Electromagnetic Environs >>

* Institute for Ethics + Emerging Technology | The singularity: fact, fiction or somewhere in between >>
* UCSD spinoffs create lab-quality portable 64-channel BCI headset >>
* Nasa Is Making A ‘major’ Space Station Announcement Today At 4 Pm — Watch Live >>

* Touch-Sensitive Graphene Skin Stretches and Snaps Back Into Place >>
* Software Tool Automatically Identifies Guns In Photos >>
* A 3d-printing Roving Robot Could Repair Potholes >>

* Glyph’s Vr-like Headphones Let You Wear Video >>
* The Confounding Commandments Of Cancer Screening >>
* Why doesn’t my phone understand me yet? >>

* Hormone Boosts Immune Function And Might Extend Your Lifespan >>
* DARPA wants help hunting for individual photons >>
* 10TB Seagate drive is their first filled with helium >>

* AMD Unveils 64-Bit ARM-Based Opteron A1100 System On Chip With Integrated 10GbE >>
* Nvidia 8 teraflop deep learning supercomputer for self driving cars >>
* “Nixing 100 Billion Galaxies” –Bayesian Reasoning Dismisses Existence of Alien Life (Today’s Most Popular) >>

* Can We Truly “Cure” Cancer? >>
* Virtual reality gives stunning 360-degree view of great white sharks >>
* Intel is becoming a post-PC company >>

* LG MultiMotion Dishwashers Blast Plates From Every Angle >>
* New knee replacement implant promising near normalcy introduced >>
* Most of the universe is missing — here are 5 ambitious experiments that might find the rest >>

* Netflix is cracking down on people who watch shows that aren’t available in their country >>
* Bill Gates thinks this simple innovation could remake our cities >>
* The first working Hyperloop could arrive by the end of 2016 >>

* RIP Alan Rickman, Who Gave Us Villains to Root For >>
* Alan Rickman: A Career in Pictures >>

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