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Futueseek Daily Link Review; 7 January 2016

* Intel shows intelligent drone with Real Sense tech: CES 2016 >>
* Scientists use battery tech to harvest energy from movement >>
* DietSensor Scans Your Food For Calories >>

* Bluetooth Pregnancy Test Makes Debut at CES 2016 >>
* Retrieving information from a black hole using quantum teleportation >>
* If you answer emails after work, you should be getting unlimited vacation >>

* BMW’s i8 Spyder shows how you’ll interact with screens in your self-driving car >>
* Despite Broken Telescope, Kepler Mission Still Finding 100 New Exoplanet Planets >>
* Scientists Build Tiny Microcannons That Fire Drug-Filled Nanobullets >>

* MC10’s Wearable Sensors Are a First Step to Bioelectric Tattoos >>
* Powerful Blast Detected from Nearest Giant Black Hole >>
* Toyota AI Team Hires James Kuffner from Google Robotics, Will Have Rodney Brooks as Adviser >>

* TP-Link announces the ‘world’s first’ 802.11ad router >>
* Intel Really, Really Wants You to Wear a Computer >>
* World Future Energy Summit 2016 >>

* Can human-machine superintelligence solve the world’s most dire problems? >>
* Real-time 3-D video of nematode brains links neurons with motion and behavior >>
* Spacex upgraded the Merlin Rocket Engines >>

* Graphene Filter Could Change the Game in Nuclear Power Costs >>
* Ossia’s Cota Wireless Power Tech Promises to Enable the Internet of Everything >>
* Did North Korea Really Test A Hydrogen Bomb? Here’s How We’ll Find Out >>

* Audio-technica’s New Turntable Will Play On Your Bluetooth Speakers >>
* Improved Version Of Crispr Gene Editing Tool Eliminates Errors >>
* Researchers Mix Up Batches Of Martian Concrete >>

* CES 2016: IoT and chill >>
* 802.11ah WiFi will penetrate walls more easily and use less power >>
* Virtual Reality Therapy: Treating The Global Mental Health Crisis >>

* Intel embraces Internet of Things, puts sensors on everything >>
* Intel demos collision-avoidance drone that will go on sale this year >>
* New SuperMHL 8K connector could be in PCs by 2018 >>

* Microsoft’s car sensor sees beyond cameras and radar >>
* Smartwatch app detects epileptic seizures and texts a warning >>
* Plastic grass could cover buildings to produce energy from wind >>

* The Oculus Rift costs $599 and ships in March >>
* Oculus Rift Costs $600, Virtual Reality Is Here And It Is Expensive >>
* Autonomous Vehicles Will Turn Us into Ride Summoners, Not Car Owners >>

* This ‘superfood’ will change the way we live this year >>
* Oxygen rise didn’t lead to evolution >>
* Scientists call for new tools to explore the world’s microbiomes >>

* Mcor Releases First Desktop 3D Printer: The Full-Color, Paper-Based Mcor ARKe >>
* Shapeways Introduces Their Newest 3D Printing Material – Aluminum! >>
* Futurist Gerd Leonhard interview with Stuff(NZ): work, jobs, automation and more >>

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