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Futueseek Daily Link Review; 6 January 2016

* This Watch That Projects Movies Is Just Plain Crazy >>
* How Drones May Avoid Collisions by Sharing Knowledge >>
* New Computer Program Can Predict How Things Will Move, Just Like Us >>

* Wi-Fi HaLow, new type of Wi-Fi, designed to connect your smart home >>
* Nvidia’s Autonomous Car Computer Makes 24 Trillion AI Operations a Second >>

* This Inflatable Sleep Hoodie Is A Genius Way To Nap Anywhere >>
* Oh No, Microsoft Office in Your Car >>

* Scientists identify ‘fear switch’ neurons in mice >>
* These Smart Sneakers Can Track Your Workout For You >>
* The bionic eye changing a woman’s life >>

* The Economics of Drone Delivery >>
* Materials Scientists Make Martian Concrete >>
* The First Pupil-Based Monitoring System Can Tell When a Driver Is Too Distracted >>

* Tipron is a transforming robot projector that looks like a rolling eyeball >>
* A computer 100m times faster than yours >>
* Hands Too Filthy? You Can Open LG’s New Fridge With a Foot Tap >>

* Next-Gen Wi-Fi Will Actually Connect the Internet of Things >>
* Parrot’s New Fixed-Wing Drone Is a 50 MPH Party in the Sky >>
* Solar Analemma 2015: A Year-long Picture >>

* Sci-fi author has predicted that robots could outnumber humans as early as 2040 >>
* Black Hole’s Rejected Snack Becomes Science Goldmine >>
* A nano-reactor for the production of hydrogen biofuel >>

* Virgin Galactic’s Second SpaceShipTwo to Roll Out on Feb. 19 >>
* “Far Reaching Implications” –Kepler Mission Reveals a Solar System From the Dawn of the Milky Way >>

* Nvidia’s computer for self-driving cars as powerful as 150 MacBook Pros >>
* Nvidia Increases Commitment To VR With “VR Ready PC Program” >>
* Totally Awesome Drone Footage Shows Fireworks Exploding All Over the City >>

* Sixteen Sensors Let Withings’ New Forehead Thermometer Make Easy Instant Readings >>
* Gene-Editing, Aliens, and More: Experts Identify the Most Exciting Science of 2016 >>
* MIT’s ‘Galileo’ matches humans at predicting how things move >>

* Ultimaker’s latest 3D printers let you swap the nozzles >>
* Vuze camera shoots 3D VR video for under $1,000 >>
* LG’s 98-inch 8K LED TV is stunning, but there’s no 8K content to watch on it >>

* 802.11ah Wi-Fi Standard Approved >>
* LEGO’s WeDo 2.0 Robotics Kit Teaches Science And Engineering To Elementary School Students >>
* Ford is developing vehicle-to-drone communication to aid U.N. disaster relief >>

* The 3DRudder is a $175 VR controller for your feet >>
* Insane giant drone for consumers will fly at 50 mph >>
* Strong Magnetic Fields Are Hiding Deep Inside Stars >>

* New 100-megapixel camera sensor costs $49,000 >>
* My ‘smart drugs’ nightmare >>
* Alex Honnold Compilation >>

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