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Futueseek Daily Link Review; 19 December 2015

* Humans are smart because we sleep weird >>
* NASA can 3-D Print 75% of the parts for a Rocket Engine >>
* How to 3-D-Print a Hydraulic-Powered Robot >>

* Robot Fingertips Create A New Standard For What Products Feel Like >>
* Google’s Quantum Dream Machine >>

* Boxofficemojo predicts a $231 million opening weekend for Star Wars the Force Awakens in North America >>
* Aliens May Be Polar Bear-Sized* >>
* “Virtual Fossil” –Created of Last Common Ancestor of Homo Sapiens and Neanderthals >>

* Moisture Vaporators, Death Star Construction And Other Real Star Wars Tech >>
* Elon Musk’s Hyperloop Proposal Gains Momentum >>
* $100 Million Breakthrough Listen Initiative Starts Searching for E.T. >>

* Special Report: 2016 Top Tech to Watch >>
* German Nuclear Fusion Stellarator test reactor has been started >>
* A color laser printer with an amazing 127,000 dots per inch resolution >>

* When wearable electronics devices disappear into clothes >>
* Nitrogen Can Triple Energy Capacity of Supercapacitors >>
* Drone Borrows Bird’s Technique For Low Power Flight >>

* SpaceX Will Soon Launch Its Most Powerful Rocket Yet >>
* Scientists Now Know How Drug-Resistant Superbugs Move >>
* Nasa Releases New High-res Earthrise Image >>

* This brilliant machine makes five cups of pour-over coffee at once >>
* Researchers demonstrate tracking of individual catalyst nanoparticles during heating >>
* Introducing the IoHT (Internet of Heavier Things) >>

* NASA’s First-Ever Fully 3D Printed Rocket Engine is 75% Complete >>
* Virtual reality new way to travel >>
* Microsoft opens a HoloLens playground for developers at its New York store >>

* New trailers: Fantastic Beasts, Independence Day: Resurgence, Star Trek Beyond, and more >>

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