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Futueseek Daily Link Review; 17 December 2015

* Retale is bringing VR shopping to the Oculus Rift >>
* The LHC’s Seen an Intriguing Glimpse of What Could Be a New Particle >>
* Deadly Heat Stress Could Affect Hundreds Of Millions Of People By 2060 >>

* Elon Musk Doesn’t Expect He’ll Live To See Humans On Mars >>
* The Future of In-Flight Wifi, a Cautionary Tale >>
* Congress will give NASA nearly $20 billion next year >>

* An algorithm can tell if your face is forgettable >>
* MIT Researchers Train An Algorithm To Predict How Boring Your Selfie Is >>
* The Future Of In-flight Entertainment Is Virtual Reality >>

* These Jeans Are Made From Self-Cleaning Denim >>
* New X Prize Challenge: Map Ocean Floor >>

* Here’s how human brain can handle so much data >>
* In a first, parrots found using and sharing tools >>
* Clues on the development of magnetic sensors with pure spin current >>

* Space Rocks Delivered One-Two Punch to Ancient Earth >>
* Baidu’s Robot Car Marks Self-Driving Milestone in Beijing >>
* How the Paris Climate Deal Happened and Why It Matters >>

* 1 billion mosquito nets have been a major part of reducing Malaria by 65% since 2000 >>
* Importance of physical activity and aerobic exercise for healthy brain function >>
* How much TV you watch as a young adult may affect midlife cognitive function >>

* ASCB Celldance 2015 premieres three videos featuring live cell imaging >>
* Recommended Reads on the Robot and AI Beat This Week >>
* New microscope creates near-real-time videos of nanoscale processes >>

* Startup Teaches Old Cars Some Robotic Tricks >>
* Next Monday, Mandatory Drone Registration Begins >>
* What Will It Take to Build a Virtuous AI? >>

* Inside the First VR Theme Park >>
* Concept Car Has A Drone Landing Pad >>
* Google’s Driverless Car Project Will Become Its Own Alphabet Company >>

* Watch the VFX of Doctor Who Season 9 Come Together >>
* Microsoft is developing an app that can predict crimes of the future >>
* Netflix’s new Windows 10 app embraces Microsoft’s universal dream >>

* Exercising in virtual reality with the VirZoom motion controller >>

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