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Futueseek Daily Link Review; 16 December 2015

* How Big Can a Black Hole Grow? 50 billion times the Sun >>
* Dwave Quantum annealing compared to other algorithms and their approach versus cleaner qubits >>
* The Recipe for Generating Crazy, Innovative Ideas in Companies >>

* ‘Hot Jupiters’: Water Depletion Explained >>
* New transparent metal films may radically reduce costs for smartphone, tablet and TV displays >>

* The new ‘Star Wars’ movie is going to do $8 billion in total sales, says Goldman Sachs >>
* New mass spectral imaging instrument maps cells’ composition in 3-D at more than 100 times higher resolution >>

* Will this DNA molecular switch replace conventional transistors? >>
* How Big Can a Black Hole Grow? 50 billion times the Sun >>

* Northrop reveals design laser firing sixth generation super stealthy fighter >>
* Transparent canopy box seats on top of airplanes for the wealthy VIP 1% >>
* User Error Compromises Many Encrypted Communication Apps >>

* Russia connects commercial 800 Megawatt fast neutron reactor to the grid >>
* Socks Generate Electricity Using Microbes Fed by Urine >>
* Baidu’s Robot Car Marks Self-Driving Milestone in Beijing >>

* The Emerging Science of Urban Skylines >>
* Watch A New Crew Of Astronauts Dock With The Iss >>
* Iraq’s New Chinese Drone Draws First Blood >>

* Soundhound Launches Houndify Platform For Voice-activating Your Apps >>
* Ibm Opens Its Artificial Mind To The World >>
* What The New Faa Restrictions Have To Say About Your Drone >>

* The 10 most groundbreaking shoes of 2015 >>
* How Netflix plans to curb its massive thirst for bandwidth >>
* Netflix is re-encoding its entire library to save data >>

* Netflix’s new video approach looks better, uses less data >>
* Apple reportedly has a secret OLED display lab in Taiwan >>
* Watson: What the IoT has Been Waiting For >>

* We Need a New Pronoun for Artificial Intelligence >>
* Oculus Founder Says Rift Can Match Valve’s ‘Room-Scale’ VR >>
* Fuel cell keeps drones in flight for hours, not minutes >>

* Track Your Vitals With This $30 Bluetooth Smart Scale >>
* Simulated brain surgery could personalise epilepsy treatment >>
* The Brain’s GPS Tells You Where You Are and Where You’ve Come from >>

* Virtual brain surgery could personalise epilepsy treatment >>
* World’s Best Dark Matter Detector Is Way Better Now >>
* ‘5G’ is coming to Verizon in 2017 >>

* Virtual reality could finally get people to care about climate change >>
* When “Upgrading” Your Brain is Possible, Would it Be Too Good to Refuse? >>
* Should you be concerned about Gene Drives? >>

* Is Evolution Random? 12 Days of Evolution – Day 2! >>

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